Friday, October 7, 2016

Reader Contribution | The Black Cube of Saturn, 64 & 88

8x8 = 64

Israel = 64
Zion = 64
Thelema = 64
Do what thou wilt = 64
Synagogue of Satan = 64

64 spaces on the chess board
64 number to the Yi Ching


  1. I wasn't familiar with The Black Cube of Saturn. I just finished doing research on it. I learned alot. Thank you for sharing!

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  4. The cube or (kaaba) is formed from the Star of David. The six northern poles of Saturn, form the star of David. If you draw lines vertically from each point of the Star of David you get a 3 dimensional cube. This represent that we are 3 dimensional beings controlled by Saturn, which controls time and space. Think of the Led Zeppelin song "Kashmir." A song about "Elders" and "keepers of time and space" Also, "as above so below"...the South Saturn Delta is a pyramid, formed by the southern 3 poles of Saturn. There is a storm at the south of Saturn with an eye in the Center. The Storm that Lucifer the light bearer (Statue of Liberty) fell to earth through. Tesla was quoted as saying "Once you understand the powers of the numbers 3 6 and 9 you can have the key to the Universe." The 3 poles of South Saturn, 6 poles North. Combined you have 9. Now you control time and space. (Time travel, wifi, or perhaps controlling masses with numbers like Gematria) These are dimensions ruled by Saturn which is the supposed center of the Universe.

  5. 8x8 Fields on a Chessboard, black and White Checkerboard.. The Checkerboard Floor is always between the 2 masonic Pillars, it refers to Light and Darkness.. What are the Stars and the Black Space. Personally i think its refering to the Black Sun, the Galactical Core of the Universe in the Center of the Concave, Cell Earth, the Cube represents the Cell, our prison, the Sphere we cant get out. Interestingly, in occult Circles, Saturn is a stand in for the Black Sun. In the Concave Model, the Sun and Moon spiraling around the Center, the Black Sun which all Stars are embedded and the Electromagnetic Energy (Light) comes from..