Monday, May 14, 2018

113 | 'Surgery' dominates the CNN headlines, May 14, 2018

Melania undergoes surgery on May 14, 2018...

Harry Reid undergoes surgery...

Could they be using 'surgery' headlines for a greater riddle?

Surgery = 113 (Ordinal)
*If you know this work, you know 113

This news comes 18-days after her 48th birthday or on her 19th day.

18 has has to do with life through the word  'chai' in Jewish numerology.

*And I have to look into the death of Margot Kidder.

Border patrol, a position that wouldn't exist in a better world.

LeBron and 13.

We need to look more into Morris of the Celtics, #13.

Jerusalem is about prophecy, but we already knew that...

Prophecy = 106
Authority = 106

Women are winning big in politics...

Remember what I was saying about Trump being a setup for empowering women in opposition to his purposeful contrived male pig character.

Remember him following Hillary around on stage during the town-hall-style debate?

M, 13

It's Meghan and Harry mania.

GMA = 60; Nigger = 60
Kobe's 60, 213-days after the death of Moses Malone at 60

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