Sunday, May 20, 2018

27 30 42 86 113 | Cavs beat Celtics by 30, 116-86, May 19, 2018, NBA ECF Game 3

We knew this one was in the bag for LeBron, so no surprises here.

Notice the Cavs won by 30.  Bible = 30 (This series has a lot to do with the KJV Bible)

*James Harden scored 30 the game following this 30-point win by the Cavs KING JAMES

113, the 30th prime
The National Basketball Association = 113

The Celtics went down with 86, a symbolic number...

And don't forget, the first NBA Finals was in '86, the year Len Bias was murdered.

The Cavs starters scored 74-points.

THE KING = 74 (Ordinal)

LeBron had his "ritualistic" 27-points.

I got to think about the 116 scored, but notice the bench got 42 on a date with 42 numerology.

5/19/18 = 5+19+18 = 42

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