Monday, May 14, 2018

23 83 98 108 | Cavs-Celtics Game 1 of ECF, May 13, 2018, was a tribute to football and Super Bowl 52

The Celtics have won Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, May 13, 2018, by a score of 108 to 83.  Right away, I'm reminded of football and the New England Patriots.

Football = 83 (Ordinal)
83, the 23rd prime
King = 23 (reduction); Brady = 23 (reduction)

Of course LeBron wears #23.

Fittingly, this game came 98-days after the Super Bowl.

Tom Brady = 98; Chosen = 98; Chosen One = 98
*New England Patriots = 98; Patriots = 98
*National Basketball Association = 98

The Patriots just lost in Super Bowl 52, to conclude the 98th NFL Season.

Minnesota = 52 (Tom Brady came into Super Bowl 52 in Minnesota, 5-2)

And don't forget the 108 game balls for the Super Bowl.  Geometry = 108 / 108

Even more important, don't forget football was born in Ohio, and Bill Belichick used to coach in Cleveland, before his days in New England.

ALSO, the Eagles won the last Super Bowl, the team from Philadelphia, which has a connection to 'The Key of David'.

The Key of David = 135
Game was May 13, or 13/5

Last, the game was on the 133rd day of the year.  Football = 133 (Reverse Ordinal)

LeBron had 15-points, in his 15th season.

Alos, since the Boston team won by 25, it should be noted the last time the Boston area football team won the Super Bowl, it was after a 25-point comeback, on 2/5 (Feb. 5), against the Falcons.

Falcons = 25 (Reduction)

You might recall that Super Bowl 51 was a big tribute to the Jesuits.

In this case, the basketball game finished with 191 combined points.

83+108 = 191

Society of Jesus = 191 (43rd prime number)

This might be a sign this series is going to Game 7, 4-3 (like 43)...

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