Thursday, May 24, 2018

47 77 144 | Bob Dylan makes it to 77-years-old, May 24, 2018 +Reminder about Number 77 Gematria / Numerology

Today Bob Dylan made it from 76-years, to 77-years of age.

Recall, his birthday was well positioned with Super Bowl 52 in his home state, Minnesota, and we saw a number of people connected to Bob Dylan die in close proximity to the game.

I thought we would see Bob Dyaln go before he turned 77-years-old, like Rubin "The Hurricane" Carter, but I did mention that if he made it to 77, that was a symbolic number as well.

Keep in mind Bob Dylan is Jewish, and a major part of the recording industry's history, an industry that operates by the numbers, as such...

Don't ever forget Flight 77 into the 77-foot-tall Pentagon, on the 77ther Meridian, 77 minutes after taking off on September 11, 2001.  (As per reported in 9/11 Commission Report)

And here's what makes May 24 more special in 2018 than other years.

May 24 is the 144th day of 2018
5/24/18 = 5+24+18 = 47

TIME = 47 / 144

Also, about his certain fate.

5/24/2018 = 5+24+20+18 = 67 *A sign of things to come...

Don't forget Prince and Vanity died by this number.  Blood Sacrifice = 67

Don't forget his birth numerology either.

5/24/1941 = 5+24+19+41 = 89 (89, the 11th Fibonacci) (Number = 89)

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