Thursday, May 23, 2019

19 67 143 222 | NOAA says there could be as many as 4 major hurricanes in Atlantic this year, May 23, 2019

This news comes May 23, 2019, the 143rd day of the year.

I'll keep the Carolina states in mind in light of the day of this news.

Keep in mind Carolina has the NHL team, the 'Hurricanes'.

Order Out of Chaos = 222
5/23/2019 = 5+23+20+19 = 67 (19th prime) (Chaos = 19)


  1. 143 could be N.C. 14&3

  2. PA also announced today is "143 Day" in honor of Mr Rogers, since he was from there and is famous for his "143=I love you" code/phrase,LOL

    The article said he swam each day to keep his weight at 143 lbs.. :)

    1. "Children" = 143(Reverse Ordinal)
      "Creepy Man" = 143(Reverse Ordinal)

  3. "Four Hurricanes" = 666 S
    "Carolina Decoy" = 666
    "Prophecy" = 666

    "Late July Hurricanes" = 78
    "Atlantic Hurricane" = 78
    "Order out of Chaos" = 78
    "July Thirty First" = 78
    "Hurricane Target" = 78
    "Storm Landfall" = 78
    "Landfall Dates" = 78
    "South Carolina" = 78
    "Major" = 78

    "Superbowl Decoy Team" = 78
    "NFL Media Decoy Names" = 78
    "Saints Decoy Code Names" = 78
    "Decoy from NFC South" = 78
    "NFC Decoy Team Name" = 78
    "Panthers are Decoy" = 78

    "Use AFC South NFL Decoy" = 78
    "Jaguars are the Decoy" = 78
    "Decoy for Broncos" = 78
    "Decoy for Denver" = 78
    "Logic Bomb" = 78 <<<<<<<<<<<< Illuminati Card

    I'm Sticking with [ Saints over Broncos - Superbowl LIV ]

  4. Also, the news reported that 21-year old Oregon St. student, Michelle Casey, fell from a 100-ft cliff while taking pictures with her boyfriend on Sunday. This news came today. A little late wouldn't you say?

    "100-Foot" = 21(Full Reduction)

    "One Hundred Forty Three" = 100(Jewish Reduction)
    "Michelle" = 100(Jewish)
    "Poor Girl" = 100(ALW Kabbalah)
    "21-Years Old" = 100(KFW Kabbalah)
    "Oregon State Student" = 100(Reverse Full Reduction)

    "100-Foot Fall" = 523(English Sumerian)(5/23)

    It said she, "liked being outdoors," and she fell from a scenic viewpoint along Highway 101.

    "She Loved Being Outdoors" = 101(Full Reduction)
    "Twenty One Year Old Michelle Casey" = 101(Septenary)
    "21-Year Old Oregon St Student" = 101(Full Reduction)
    "Oregon St University Student" = 101(Chaldean)

    "Michelle" = 67(English Ordinal)
    "Twenty One Year Old" = 67(Jewish Reduction)

    1. "Sunday" = 21(Full Reduction)

      "Die Young" = 100(English Ordinal)

      "Fell While Taking Pictures" = 101(Septenary)

    2. Great decode, and great story to dig up. Cliff has been in the news a lot this year. Also, dams breaking. That is a big story. Odd how these de-coders are not reporting such big news.

  5. Got your book Letters & Numbers. Read and watched lot of 'conspiracy stuff' in the last 20 some years. When you said your book is 'the best book I would ever read', now I know you were not kidding. I'm only beginning chapter 8. And I'm stunned.

  6. All this destruction to promote climate change so that people will fork over money and be scared and beg to have more rules over themselves.


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