Wednesday, May 22, 2019

666 | May 22, 2019 marks 666-months since the assassination of JFK, November 22, 1963


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  2. Nancy = 57 ordinal
    Moon =57 ordinal
    Today is 57 days after her birthday.

    She was just awarded the Profile in Courage Award based on JFKs book of the same name on May 20th. Award given by Caroline Kennedy born on 5/5/1377 of the Islamic Calendar 55 days after Pelosi's bday. Revelation 8:11 = 1377 ordinal. George Kittle of the 49ers broke the single season receiving record with 1377 yards last season. 1377 Kelvin = 2019°F. The new definiton of Kelvin went to effect the same day Pelosi got the PIC award. New Kelvin definition adopted on 11/16 or 16/11. Profile in Courage Award = 1611 jewish year the KJV bible was published. 185 days from 11/16 to 5/20. Nancy Pelosi = 185 Francis Bacon. 1611 was a Pig year. We are in the 35th pig year since 1611. Catholic = 35. JFK the 35th prez

    Nancy Pelosi born with her Moon at 219°
    5/26 has 219 days remaining and is 21/9 on the Islamic and Hebrew Calendars. Indiana home of the 219 area code. Indiana the 19th state. Indy 500 the largest single day sporting event in the world getting major tributes in the news is on 5/26 which is the last full day of the 219th lunar month since 9/11.

  3. Born 3/26/1940 which has 88 date numerology. Kittle gets 1377 yds on 88 receptions. Kennedy assassinated on the 326th day. The Pentagrammaton the five letter hebrew word for Jesus from esoteric literature has gematria of 326. 5s are important since 666 months = 55.5 years. Washington Monument is 555ft tall.

  4. Back to the Kelvin Scale. Nancy Pelosi = 185 Francis Bacon. 1103 is the 185th prime and 1377K=2019°F=1103°C

  5. Pelosi from the 12th district the Golden Gate Bridge District

  6. notice that without the zeroes, it looks a lot like 227!


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