Sunday, December 6, 2015

33 47 | Eagles Upset Patriots, December 6, 2015

Remember, the Eagles joined in the NFL in '33, along with the Steelers.  Today, they win on the date with the '33' numerology, upsetting the Patriots.

12/6/15 = 12+6+15 = 33
Keystone = 2+5+7+1+2+6+5+5 = 33 (Eagles and Steelers joined NFL in '33)
PHI = 16+8+9 = 33
Sam = 19+1+13 = 33 (Sam Bradford, Winning QB)

The Eagles can still do damage in the NFC.  We'll see if they can get hot late.  In the Preseason, they're game against the Packers foreshadowed Super Bowl in my mind, but that tribute also might have been for the Packers and not the Eagles.  We will see how the remainder of the season plays out.


  1. All these games are just following the same plot lines as wrestling pay per views, except here all the matches are fought at the same time. All these games were so Hollywood.

  2. The games really are laughable.
    Yesterday, I called Ryan's INT to close the game.
    Then later I called a Brees INT at the exact time.
    When you're aware, you feel it coming.

    I have some numbers from the Falcons game I'll put up soon.
    It's the same SB numbers I keep seeing.

  3. So what we know right now:
    5-0 to start
    5-1 after NO loss
    6-1 after Whisenhunt win with a total of 17
    0-5 begun and ended by TB

    4 games left.
    Carolina twice, and it's convenient that they have not even played before the Panthers win the division.
    Now comes 12-0 vs 6-6.

    65 was the Falcons establishment year
    66 they began play
    What happens now?

    A theory right now:

    Carolina has been given the following:
    End Mike Smith era in Atlanta with end of season/division clinching victory. 7-8-1.

    This was Atlanta's ONLY division loss that year (5-1) and it came when Atl was 5-0.

    Now 3 straight division titles before facing Atlanta.

    The Falcons and Panthers games are strategically schedule for a ritual, as are all the games.

    So what happens? Is it time for Carolina to pay up?

    I do believe, if I'm correct that Atlanta must go 9-6 before the Saints game, against whom Ryan is 5-9 right now.

    I still contend that the Falcons beat Carolina next.
    Carolina defeats their next opponent for the 13-1
    They take the 13-1 (SB) to Atlanta.

    Do the Falcons win that too? They need the 9-6.

    Basically, the Panthers have been given plenty by Atlanta.
    They must do their part here.

    So they will face each other 3 times including playoffs.
    Carolina gets 3 straight division titles
    Atlanta gets 3 straight victories against Carolina

    And all 3 of those games are schedule on a bi-weekly basis.
    It's a theory, and maybe the Falcons don't win another game this season. But we shall see.

    1. Also, the Falcons would close the season with 4 straight victories. 4 postseason victories.

      44 for Georgia, the 4th state.

    2. Still possible, one more loss and they are done, but if they are going for symbolism to rise from the absolute bottom, then here it is.

      I think Zachs Three-Pete theory has some credence behind it. Carolina just 3peated the NFC South, other teams also have the chance to threepeat their respective divisions, and Seattle is starting to look like the hot at the end team.

      But I am with you, still holding out for the ATL turnaround.

    3. Yeah, this Carolina game is it. Lose that and we can move on to another team.

    4. This occurred to me:

      The surprise SB run teams always have a rock bottom point, like you mentioned.

      The 2011 Giants were 7-7 after dropping the 2nd game to an awful Redskins team. The Bucs are the Falcons Redskins.

      The Giants won the final 2 games, AND both Dallas games in comeback fashion to win the division.

      Ryan is still stuck on 30 GW drives and has not played his version of Dallas, Carolina.

      The 10-6 2012 Ravens hit bottom after a horrid loss to the Broncos at home. They went on to defeat them in that wild playoff game. Then won the SB.

      Flacco and Ryan drafted the same year. Ryan is being questioned just like Flacco was in that regular season. The parallels are there.

      The 2010 Packers hit bottom after a Rodgers injury and a 7-3 loss to the awful Lions. They went on to win their final game against the rival Chicago to get in. I'd bet that Falcons/Saints game works in the same way. Atlanta has to win that to get in.

      Just some thoughts.

    5. The Pats too, back in '01, when they made their Patriotic run to avenge 9-11. They were not very good, then had to go in an incredible run to the SB. Including the Snow Bowl and the Tuck Rule, I believe. Anyhow, we shall see with the A, they certainly don't have a single fan within the Perimeter who thinks they can do shit.

    6. Yep. My brother already said he's done watching the games. LOL.

    7. Yep. Look at the Pats season in 01.

      They lost to the juggernaut Rams in a tight game at home. This put them at 5-5.

      They won their last 6, and 3 playoff games.
      Finishing with the Rams in the SB.

      It's a perfect example.

    8. If it holds up, the 4 wins to close the season and the 4 wins in the playoffs. All for 44 is on point.

    9. Also remember earlier in the season when the Falcons were 3-0 after 25 unanswered points in the second half at Dallas.

      They were the first team in NFL history to start the season with 3 comeback victories in the 4th quater. Again, Ryan stuck at 30. Does he get 3 straight comeback victories in the playoffs?

      It fits with this weird ass season. 3 3. 6 6. 4 4.

    10. Tampa bay buccaneers = 170
      Any significance?

    11. Hmmm. Yeah. THAT'S why the Falcons can't beat them this year maybe. Remember it's a 71 Super Bowl, the reverse. It works with the idea of 17 being negative, hence Atlanta loses both to them in the 0-5 cycle. Crazy shit.

    12. Look at the Giants 2011 schedule.
      They opened the season with a loss to the Redskins.
      They lost their final game to the Redskins.
      All for a 7-7 cycle.

      They never lost again. Just like my theory, the Falcons don't lose again now because the cycle with TB is complete at the same time as Carolina's 12-0 is complete. Amazing.

    13. I know u mentioned '17' and thought it might mean something.

  4. In Thelema they believe in Aeons, which are unmeasureable ages of mankind's collective spirituality. When mankind's spirit reaches a new evolution of understanding the Aeon ends and a new one Begins. There are supposed to be 7 in all, I believe. Anyhow, the last is called the Aeon of Maat, who is a greek-egyptian goddess of understanding, fulfillment, enlightenment, etc.

    Yes, I know too much and not enough about the subject, but that's beside the point.

    Anyhow, Matt Ryan's key phrase today was Better Moving Forward, which is 235 and ties into the Golden Egg of the Aeon of Maat, or the beginning of Mankind's ascension.

    Matt, Maat, Maturation....

    If they do march for the win it is a def sign of hell on Earth.

    Be Good!

    1. Should say the second to last Aeon is of Maat, the last is called the Nameless Aeon and is not spoken of. Like Voldemort

    2. Maat=51
      Matty Ice=96
      96th NFL season

      It ain't over yet, boys.


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