Friday, October 12, 2018

41 64 58 84 187 | The ADL, or Anti-Defamation League, in numbers +Jonathan Greenblatt on banning all Holocaust Denial from Facebook

The Gematria of ADL and Anti-Defamation League tells all.


It isn't hard to see which you have the gematria key.

Listen to Jonathan Greenblatt speak about what Holocaust Denial is and why Facebook should fully ban all Holocaust Denial, which is hate speech, according to him.  It is also fake news.

And don't forget this is about Zuckerberg, in light of the 84.

Read about Alex Jones being banned from Facebook 84-days after Zuck's birthday:

Of course, Alex Jones is a Zionist puppet, and now being used as a symbol is the censoring of the truth community, even though Alex Jones isn't really part of that.


 Now, let us compare the gematria to Jonathan Greenblatt.

187 chapters in the Torah
Jewish = 29 / 43
Jerusalem = 41 / 58 / 104

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