Friday, February 12, 2016

43 69 119 | Dylan Klebold's mother speaks out just in time for her book on Columbine Shooting

Columbine caused me a fair amount of problems at my own high school due to the fact we had new policies implemented in the wake of it, such as having to wear name badges around school, something I refused to take seriously.  Let's not revisit it any further than there.  Just know there was a lot of detention and not showing up for it.

Dylan = 4+7+3+1+5 = 20
Bennet = 2+5+5+5+5+2 = 24 (Same as David)
Klebold = 2+3+5+2+6+3+4 = 25
Dylan Bennet Klebold = 69

Dylan Klebold = 45

Dylan = 4+25+12+1+14 = 56
Bennet = 2+5+14+14+5+20 = 60
Klebold = 2+12+5+2+15+12+4 = 52
Dylan Bennet Klebold = 168 (New York City)
Dylan Klebold = 108

9/11/1981 = 9+1+1+1+9+8+1 = 30
9/11/1981 = 9+11+(1+9+8+1) = 39
9/11/1981 = 9+11+19+81 = 120
9/11/81 = 9+11+81 = 101 (Assassin = 101)

The date September 11 is written as 11/9 in most parts of the world.

With regards to his name coding out to New York City, and his birthday being on September 11, it reminds that it is said he fantasized of hijacking planes and flying them into towers in New York...

It should also be noted that April 20 was the 110th day of the year and the WTCs were 110 stories tall...

Moving on, notice that the mother of Dylan is 'Susan'.

Susan = 19+21+19+1+14 = 74 (Masonic) (WTCs on 74th Meridian)
Sue = 19+21+5 = 45 (Dylan Klebold)
Klebold = 11+12+5+2+15+12+4 = 61
Susan Klebold = 135
Sue Klebold = 106

Susan = 1+3+1+1+5 = 11/20/29
Sue = 1+3+5 = 9/18
Klebold = 2+3+5+2+6+3+4 = 25
Susan Klebold = 36/45/54
Sue Klebold = 34/43 (Massacre = 43) (Murder = 34)

Notice that Sue Klebold sums to 43.  This story comes on February 12, 2016, the 43rd day of the year, and not by any coincidence.

From today until the 17-year anniversary of the shooting that was done by her '17 year old son', is span of 69 days or 9 weeks and 6 days.  Dylan Bennet Klebold = 69

4/20/1999 = 4+20+19+99 = 142 (9/11 attacks lasted 1:42, or 102 minutes) (Terrorist = 142)
4/20/1999 = 4+20+(1+9+9+9) = 52
4/20/1999 = 4+2+0+1+9+9+9 = 34 (Murder)
4/20/99 = 4+20+99 = 123 (Conspiracy)

Do you see what is going on truth seeker?  They're making money off their propaganda.  They're making money off their fear mongering.  They're making more money off it than you're going to make in your lifetime grinding out the rest of your days.  For how much longer will you allow that to be so?  The first step to stopping it is to stop telling yourself "there's nothing I can do about it".  That's most people's fatal flaw.


  1. I see it now. The official "news" story is like the first layer of a painting. The details r always changing because they r fiction and therefore malleable. Then comes the flood of interviews, tv movies, books, jokes for the late night comedians, "experts" get to blather on Fox, 15 minutes of fame and $$$ for all involved.
    Phase 3 is the conspiracy "real story" behind the official story for those who can see the official story is BS. We r kept busy by the Alex Jones types who rush in to give us their version and point us in that direction. The red pill, examining the rabbit holes, etc.
    Part 4 is after some time has passed and the event has become a part of the history books when they bring it back so people will remember it and possibly buy the books, watch the interviews, etc and draw in the new generation who were just Lil kids at the time to become familiar wth story and then either accept it as true or go to the conspiracy side. Either way it will still get talked about aND $$$ will be made from them too.

    We live on a movie set. The Truman show. There can't be billions of people here. No way. That would be too chaotic. Either the numbers r inflated or else we r in a sort of waking dream, possibly both

  2. Gawd I remember the Amy Fisher story the" Long Island Lolita"back in the 90s had 3 different TV movies made in the space of a few months I think. I watched the one with Drew Barrymore.

    Buttafuoco 712 744 124