Tuesday, February 23, 2016

36 666 | More CNN coded headlines for Kalamazoo Shooting Hoax

Gravely = 7+9+1+4+5+3+7 = 36
1-36 summed, totals 666
Incident began at 6 pm
Incident lasted 6 hours
They say 6 people were killed

Recall in earlier posts, the headlines were coded 216 numerous times...

6x6x6 = 216


  1. Damn, this hoax takes "by the numbers" to the next level.

    "42nd mass shooting of 2016". Give me a break. BULLSHlT.

    Thanks Zach!

  2. Yo. Hope this don't seem too bonkers :) ... Anyway ... Shooter was born on June 22nd 1970 apparently. From his date of birth to the shooting = 2382 weeks. A movie called 'Rampage', features a similar story line ... guy gets in his car, armed to the teeth, drives from place to place just randomly shooting people. That movie originally premiered on August 14th 2009, the 226th day of the year. Like 22/6, killers birth-date . From August 14th 2009 to Feb 20th 2016 = 6 years, 6 months & 6 days. 666. Including days end it equals 2382 days ... just like the number of weeks from Daltons birth to the shooting. Could be just fluke ... gonna check it out more later and prob pop a vid. Quality posts on this man. Only gettin round to seein' em now. Just watched ya vid on him being arrested at the cops bar :) They gettin ridiculous with the scripts. :D All the best, Dar!

  3. Check out the Jillian McCabe "London" child drowning story. Even the photograph has been coded in the story, she wears an "Audrey Hepburn"=158,68 T shirt, which sums the same as "A Drowned London"=158 (1+0+4+18+15+23+14+5+4+0+12+15+14+4+15+14) 68 (1+0+4+9+6+5+5+5+4+0+3+6+5+4+6+5). Why mention the precise height of the bridge at 133? The old 33, 133 Feet, just like where it happened in, Oregon the 33rd state, and of course it happened in Newport a 666 word.