Saturday, February 27, 2016

67 | 'Clinton Crushes S.C.', CNN South Carolina Primary Headlines

67, like the age Hillary was when she announced she was running, and to which TIME magazine said, 'Hillary Clinton is the Perfect Age to Be President'.

Keep in mind 'International Women's Day' is the 67th day of the year, March 8.


  1. Exposed the GS-Okc game theirs two parts.

    BUSH BLOODLINE PART 1- King William the Lion, who was born in 1165 and died in 1214, had a daughter, Isabel of Scotland. Well, Isabel married a certain Robert Rose [Roos]. Robert Rose [Roos] was a Knights Templar who was heavily involved in the first efforts -- and was very successful -- at international banking. Plus, he established the first overt and covert international intelligence gathering organization which all, all subsequent intelligence organizations had been based upon since. His son, Sir William Roos, and his daughter, Lucy Roos, figure prominently in the story to follow. Lucy married Sir Robert Plumpton. They sired two children: Sir William Plumpton and Alice Plumpton. During this period of time, this family, this family, as the Knights Templar were going to ground, in the male progeny of this family always followed in their father's footsteps and entered into the order. They established, in secret, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and may have had a significant role in the establishment, for intelligence reasons, of the order known as the Ancient Order of the Rose and Cross.
    Now, Alice Plumpton married Sir John Boteler. They gave birth to a daughter, Alice Boteler, who then married John Gerard, who had a child, Constance, who married Sir Alex Standish. The following children issued from that marriage: Ralph Standish, Sir Alex Standish, Roger Standish, and Alice Standish, who then married James Prescott. The children of this marriage were Roger Prescott, Ralph Prescott, John Prescott, and Captain Jonathan Prescott. Jonathan Prescott married Rebecca Buckley. They had two children, Abel Prescott and Lucy Prescott, and Lucy married Jonathan Fay. They sired three children: Samuel Prescott Phillips Fay, Samuel Howard Fay, and Harriet Eleanor Fay. Harriet married Reverend James Smith Bush, son of merchant Obidiah [Newcomb] Bush. Their son, Samuel Prescott Bush, became the president of Buckeye Steel Castings Company of Ohio. A pioneer family of Franklin, Ohio between Dayton and Cincinnati, and was one of the members of the Golden Circle and Order of the Quest, also known as the JASON Society, which gave issue to most of the political elite of the United States of America, who are, by the way, all (and I mean all without exception) related to each other.
    Now, Samuel Prescott Bush married, and his son Prescott Bush became a U.S. Senator from Connecticut, the director of Prudential Insurance, the director of CBS, a partner in Brown Brothers Harriman, chairman, National Republican Finance Committee, funds placed in Merrill Lynch accounts in Switzerland under the guidance of Donald Reagan. When he married, that marriage gave issue to the following:
    Prescott Bush II: an investment banker indicted for fraudulent banking practices.
    George Bush: Chairman of Zapata Oil from 1963-64; Chairman of Republican Party, Harris County, Texas, when J.F. Kennedy was killed; delegate to the GOP National Convention (1964); 1968 member of the 90th and 91st Congress from Texas; from 1965-66, Nixon appointed Bush as ambassador to the United Nations to deal with China; he was the director for the Central Intelligence Agency; Chairman of the GOP party; Vice President of the United States of America; and President of the United States of America.
    Four other children were William H. Bush, James Bush, Jonathan Bush, and Nancy, who married Alex Ellis.
    The issue of George and Barbara Bush was: Dorothy, who married William LeBlond; John Ellis Bush; Neil Bush, son of the director of CIA, becomes director of Silverado Savings and Loan and launders CIA drug money. Silverado loses over $100 million dollars and Neil goes unpunished.
    And the two other children? Marvin Pierce Bush and George Bush II.
    This is just one portion of the pedigree of George Bush, who's literally related to most of the royal families of Europe.