Thursday, February 25, 2016

68 | News of Australian ship stranded near Antarctica with 68 aboard (Not flat earth reminders)

Has anyone looked at where Australia is on the flat earth map?  Supposedly, it is right up against the ice wall... but if you look at Australia's climate, it is warm, mostly desert and also having rain forests. If it were close to a frigid ice wall, you think it would have a climate more like Alaska...

Am I mistaken here?

I don't see how anyone is falling for this flat earth heresy.

If I point my telescope across the Pacific, there's a reason I can't see Japan, and if you point your telescope across the Atlantic, there's a reason you can't see Europe and Africa.


  1. It's concave, people are being mislead by anything flat.

  2. 68 stranded? "Flat Earth Hoax" =680 (JG).

  3. Flat earthers are going insane. Their not using math nor science. If the earth was flat we should be able to see the sun everywhere. Am I right? Or I guess the typical flat-earther would say "oh the sun circles around the earth". Im sorry that's not valid. What is truly the shape of the earth. IDK and I don't care. Im just living life to the fullest.

  4. There is no Earth man, were livin in a giant jologram. There is no spoon. Now pass me another chocolate covered mushroom.

  5. My guess is a sort of bowl shaped structure covered by a glass dome. I think Ebola and Zika are jokes pertaining to this. I dunno why, maybe the bright green the kept showing wth ebola makes me think of green screens

  6. Didnt the Kalamazoo shooter hit a father n son at a Kia car dealership?

  7. Holy think you cant see across the whole ocean because its a ball??

    You cant see across the ocean because your eyes have limits. Can you read a book thats 10ft away??

    There isnt any correct maps...also thats more of a projection/ then a map. Peace.

    1. Dear fucking retard, did you miss the word telescope?

    2. Ok, we are going to name call now. Wow I didnt realise.

      Telescopes arent magic. Set a book up across the street and your telescope isnt powerful enough to read the words...your eye through the telescope has limits...converge to a point. Whatever its hard to explain

      I just dont understand your point of view on not trying to troll you. So if i dont agree with you on a subject, im a retard? Shit man, thats disapointing.

    3. Its a frustrating debate.

      I have similar views as Jeff Young and Fakeologist, youve been on their dont consider them retards??

    4. Since you wont respond. Ill just pwn your ass.

      Not sure why I even visit this blog anymore, i can out gematria the self proclaimed master myself. Youre burnt out buddy, too many numbers.

      Outer space=123=Conspiracy

      Globe Earth=93 know 93!!

      International Space Station=six hundred and sixty six


      I could go on...and show you all your favorites.

      The reason I respond to your flat earth posts is because your proofs are fucking weak. So suspicious.. Everything is a deception except the one big one eh??

      Sad that youre a bridge burning douche.

  8. Coincidence..?

  9. As if a single person can claim to know the answer for sure. Unless you have been in the sky looking down at the ENTIRE world (the entire thing, not from a plane where obviously you cant see ALL of it) then none of us should be arguing about it.

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  11. 22,6 Degrees = 2016/02/26 ?
    Asteroid 2013 TX 68 (05 March 2016)
    Phoenix 33, 112 ? TX - Texas ?