Thursday, February 25, 2016

13 31 38 41 118 | 13 Bald Eagles found dead in Federalsburg, Maryland

I really want this story to not to be true.

Bald Eagles = 2+1+3+4+5+1+7+3+5+1 = 32/41
41 is the 13th prime number.... 13 bald eagles...

Bald Eagle, the singular, also has gematria of '31', the reflection of '13'.

On a sort of related note, years ago, a Bald Eagle was shot near Seattle, that appeared to be a true story, because the Bald Eagle that was supposedly shot, was one that routinely perched on the light posts of the I-520 Bridge, connecting Bellevue and Seattle across Lake Washington.  This was an eagle I saw many times with my own eyes, but after the story of its death, I never once saw it again.

Where I live now, I see bald eagles a few times year.  On my 31st birthday, I had an amazing experience where I was grilling in the back yard, and not to far overhead, a bald eagle soared by.  Here is why it was cool.

7/21/1983 = 7+2+1+1+9+8+3 = 31 (My life number is 31)
On my 31st birthday, I got a 'bald eagle' fly over
Bald Eagle = 2+1+3+4+5+1+7+3+5 = 31

I'm sad to say 31 ended up being a pretty rough year, it involved having my home burglarized and being jailed.  That said, the birthday and the flyover was still a takeaway memory.

The 13 dead eagles were found in Federalsburg, MD, a fitting location for 'death'.

The leading theory is that they were 'poisoned', a word that connects to 'Maryland'.  They also say that four of the dead were found in one field.  They also say three were adults and 11 were babies.  3... 11...


  1. Take a look at the picture. That eagle is absolutely flawless. There's not one feather out of place. He doesn't even look like he's on the ground much less some crumpled heap like a dead bird should look like. What did he die of over photshopping?

  2. Plus 13 bald eagles, Maryland
    13 colonies

    Donald Trump, known for his combover to his baldness

    Apparently Donald comes from a Gaelic name Domhnall which means "ruler of the world"
    No wonder he's the frontrunner