Sunday, February 28, 2016

33 74 | Lillard scores 33-points against Larry Bird's Pacers, February 28, 2016

From the 33rd State, to the team that Larry Bird is President of, the Indiana Pacers.  I'm pretty sure that is what Lillard's 33 points are about.

Oregon, 33rd State
Bird, wore #33
Bird = 2+9+18+4 = 33

There's also this one other connection between 'Larry' and 'Oregon'.

Larry = 12+1+18+18+25 = 74
Oregon = 15+18+5+7+15+14 = 74
Masonic = 13+1+19+15+14+9+3 = 74


  1. Went to the game tonight. Bet on Portland. They sat Lillard after he hit 20 points in the 1st quarter. Didn't re-enter the game until much later on. Very odd, but makes sense with your work Zach. Totally make sense.

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  3. Love the time stamp 47. In reverse 74 for Masonic. Funny how the Masonic Temple is right down the road from the banker's life fieldhouse.