Monday, February 22, 2016

17 183 53 133 228 233 | Donald Cerrone defeats Alex Oliveira, UFC Fight Night 83, February 21, 2016 (Personal Observations)

Remember, the headliner for UFC Fight Night 83 is Cowboy vs Cowboy.  The winner, of the Cowboy vs Cowboy match, was Donald Cerrone, born in '83.

Cowboy = 3+15+23+2+15+25 = 83
Donald Cerrone, born March 29, 1983 (Winner)

What stands out about the length of the fight, lasting 2:33, or 153-seconds (60+60+33), is that Alex Oliverira's came into the fight with 17 career matches under his belt, and when you sum 1-17, it totals a 153...

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16+17 = 153
2:33 is a lot like 233, the 13th Fibonacci Number
Oliveira was coming off of his 13th win

153 is the number of fish in the 'miraculous' catch of fish from the Bible.  It has a relationship with '42', which connects to 'Alex' and 'Cerrone' as well.

Fish = 6+9+19+8 = 42
Alex = 1+12+5+24 = 42
Miraculous = 4+9+9+1+3+3+3+6+3+1 = 42
Cerrone = 3+5+9+9+6+5+5 = 42

Also, as I documented in the post I wrote before the fight, Alex Oliveira's last win was over an opponent with 153 name gematria.  That was in his 17th fight.

Piotr = 16+9+15+20+18 = 78
Hallmann = 8+1+12+12+13+1+14+14 = 75
Piotr Hallmann = 153

Coincidence he goes down in 153 seconds in his follow up fight? If you miss my prior post, please share it.  I show a few other very interesting observations about the numerological synchronicity of the fight.

IMPORTANT POINT- I watched the fight with my own eyes, and the ref called the fight clearly when the clock was at 2:28, meaning the fight was 2:32 long, not 2:33.  This is why I think the fights are scripted, and sometimes the numbers are fudged to fit the script.

With regards to 228, it is also an important number to this nation, and seemingly something greater.

This fight, in the favor of 'Cowboy' Cerrone, or CC, 33, was his 36th career fight,  Recall, when you sums 1-36, it totals 666.

1 through 36 summed, totals 666
CC's 36th Fight
Satanism = 1+1+2+1+5+9+1+4 = 24/33/42

I bring this up in light of the number 232, a lot like 2:32, the truth length of the fight.

Also, it should be noted that this fight was hosted in Pennsylvania, which has gematria of 152, like the truth length of the fight, 152-seconds.

Here are the fighters current records, after February 21, 2016 match.

Notice Cerrone won in his 36th match and Oliveira lost in hits 17th.

It is interesting to note that Alex Oliveira was was 13-3 coming into the fight.

Alex = 1+12+5+24 = 42
Oliveira = 15+12+9+22+5+9+18+1 = 91
Alex Oliveira = 133