Tuesday, February 23, 2016

42 49 223 | Dos Anjos cancels fight with Conor McGregor 42-days after announcement of fight, because of 'broken foot'

Remember how 109 connects to McGregor, Rousy, Gracie and other UFC athletes?

The fight for McGregor vs Dos Anjos was announced January 12, 2016, and the fight was canceled, supposedly due to a broken foot, February 23, 2016, 42-days later. Remember, '42' is a Masonic code,  and the date of announcement for cancellation, February 23, fits the masonic pattern.

Freemason = 6+9+5+5+4+1+1+6+5 = 42
February = 6+5+2+9+3+1+9+7 = 42

The gematria of 'broken foot' also connects to the date the fight was announced, January 12, 2016.

1/12/2016 = 1+12+20+16 = 49

Broken = 2+9+6+2+5+5 = 29
Foot = 6+6+6+2 = 20
Broken Foot = 49

Broken = 2+18+15+11+5+14 = 65
Foot = 6+15+15+20 = 56
Broken Foot = 121

Recall, in the Book of Revelation, it is said the false jews will rule the end times, and they are referred to as 'The Synagogue of Satan'.

Revelation = 9+5+4+5+3+1+2+9+6+5 = 49
Revelation = 18+5+22+5+12+1+20+9+15+14 = 121

'223' is also a number coded into the name 'Conor'.

Before Dos Anjos's last fight, against Donald Cerrone, that lasted 66 seconds, I pointed out the connections to the date of the fight, as well as Dos Anjos and Revelation.

Also read about the connection between Dos Anjos, Hillary Clinton and the 66-second fight.

And let us close with one last point, about a broken 'foot'.  From today, to the fight, March 5, is a span of 12-days, like the number of inches in a foot.


  1. Not sure if it means anything, but from McGregor's last fight vs. Aldo, on December 12th 2015, to March 5th 2016 = 12 weeks 1 day ( 121 ) or 2 months 23 days ( 223 ). UFC 196, March 5th, is the 65th day of the year. 'One Ninety Six' = 65. Conor = 65 / 223

    1. Feck thats including days end. Not including days end it's Exactly 12 weeks from McGregor's last fight, or 222 days. 'Rafael Souza Dos Anjos' = 222

    2. Was wrong with days too. Had meant 2 months 23 days and 2 months 22 days :D . Sorry bout that.

  2. Both Aldo and Dos Anjos pulled out of their fights against McGregor 11 days before the fight. (12 days if you include the end date)

    McGregor said in a tweet on november 2nd "My life is numbers and sequences. And I am the master of both."

    McGregor said in a post-fight interview "You can call me mystic mac, because i predict these things." The phrase "Mystic Mac" in jewish Gematria is 666.

    At a press conference McGregor told Dos Anjos to call his wife and tell her to wear red panties if given the chance to fight him. The phrase "Red Panties" in english gematria is 666.

    1. Awesome catch, I included that in the video I made today. Thank you!

  3. Another one worth lookin' at Zach ... Recently over here in Dublin, there was a shooting at The Regency Hotel ... ain't looked into it proper but it sounds like another psyop. Apparently McGregor's old Crumlin boxing mate was shot and killed. This happened about 2 weeks ago. I live in Lucan, same town McGregor is from. See and talk to his parents and girlfriend now and then where I work. . . I'd be hunted down and wrecked-up, if I made a video on McGregor's rigged fights and anyone in Lucan saw it :D anyway .... worth popin a check into this ... feel its connected.


    1. Dar, do u think the shooting at the Regency had anything to do with hurting Sinn Féin's chances in election??

    2. I did find it funny that the phone number to call the Gardai with info/crimeline, was 1800 666 111. 'Gerry Adams' in standard and simple = 666/111 :D 'Sinn Fein' = 239 ... unlucky number. I thought the timing was perfect to derail Sinn Feins momentum and give the wallys some fodder for the campaign trail. I do think the election is a pantomime all the same, and the winner is already decided. 'Enda Kenny' = 93. 'Fine Gael' = 93. 'Saturn & Propaganda' = 93 too. Not sure who will win. 79 seats for majority, Kenny's crew have 66 at mo. Showin up a lot in RTE stories last month or so. 'Rigged Election' & 'The Synagogue Of Satan' = 79 :) as does 'Conor McGregor' = 79 i think. Head goes smash after a while. Sorry rabblin, All the best man, Dar!

    3. Wow! Didn't know the numbers on Gerry. Kinda sad about that.
      I watched the debate tonight and heard SF was gonna give 3.3 bn euros to health and I thought... Oh boy!!! 3.3 eh? You're right enough, its a load of shite!

    4. ha :) . Just like David Byrne shot at The Regency went from being 25 , to 28 and finally 33 years old. Just like torso in a suitcase lad found at 3:30pm, aged 33, on a date = 33, Torso = 33, in Kildare = 33. :) If Adams were to get in, it would come 32 years and 9 months exactly from him first taking office. 329 a little jumble of 239. Who knows ... could be on the cards in a coalition. :S

    5. We'll see Friday I suppose.
      Have ya looked into the GAA? I'm wondering if that's rigged too even though its amateur.

    6. Yo. Honestly no idea on the GAA thing man. I rarely watch it and not checked into it before. Like Rugby and that... I know so little about em both, I wouldn't know what to look for or what would suspect of off. Anything is possible these days. :)

  4. ohh and the matchmaker, Joe Silva, ... he's the hub of it I'm guessing. 'Matchmaker' = 93. 'Joe Silva' = 93. Near impossible to find any proper info about him.