Sunday, February 21, 2016

Gun stocks were up 70% in 2015, CNN Money article

For those of you who aren't friends of math, an increase by 70% means a stock that was worth $100, is now worth $170.  This is largely due to the shooting hoaxes.  Notice these headlines were released in October of 2015.


  1. What u think of this..
    and this...

  2. Daryl Bradford Smith thinks that this was the plan all along to have the people arm themselves - all the more money from gun sales. Then all that has to be done is to cut the food supply and the people will turn on themselves.

  3. That's the joke, people run out and arm themselves against nonexistent threats and this guy Daryl is just supplying yet another excuse to keep on buying more guns IMO. It's an echo of the cold war when the superpowers endlessly added to their arsenals as a paranoid prep for the worst instead of using that money to make everyone's lives better.
    We live in a paradox and I suspect it's that push pull of contributions that is the real fuel of this world.
    Paradox 496 474 79

    1. I wrote contradictions but was automatically corrected to contributions, a word i did NOT choose, by my phone. Aye, there's the rub lol

  4. Richard smith the dc of the falcons also has Houston connections. He used to be the dc for the broncos.

  5. "daniel patrick quinn" in the English Ordinal system equals 198 "houston" in the Greek Beta Code system equals 1098. Falcons coach was born sept. 11.


    You see this shit? this fullback that wore 33 in college happened to be in the batman shooting theatre, and is now in the nfl

  7. I would bet my life that Hillary Clinton owns gun stocks.