Saturday, February 20, 2016

33 | 50 Cent's 'broke' since October headlines

Since October, eh?  Come to think of it, I have heard a lot of talk of 50 Cent on the radio with his bankruptcy problems for what seems even longer than going back to last October.

October = 6+3+2+6+2+5+9 = 33
Broke = 2+9+6+2/11+5 = 24/33

If you've never seen my older post on how his albums were released by the numbers, check that out.  He even has a 3/3 release date in hi catalogue.


  1. Ever notice how one story leads to another story? Like broke Kanye and now broke 50 cent.
    Maybe if we look into these celebrity deaths, there's connections to the previous one like Bowie and Alan Rickman etc. Just a thought...

  2. There's a 33 reference in "The Revenant" movie.

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  4. Broke as in Breaking Bad or Break on through to the other side?
    I notice that he seems pretty happy about being broke