Wednesday, February 24, 2016

44 87 118 223 | Mitch McConnell and Republicans, on February 23, say no new Supreme Court nominations until "Lame Duck" Obama is out

Mitch McConnell sure is a turd, and so are all Republicans.

Has anyone noticed that the Republican Party, for all of Obama's Presidency, has had one strategy, and that is to 'not cooperate' with any "democratic processes"?  All they have done is filibuster, standoff and talk shit, for going on more than seven years.

As much as I dislike Democrats, Republicans are the party of fucking losers and dip shits.

The Republican Party is essentially saying "we will have no Supreme Court for one year because we don't like the President", which is the stance of a little baby.  Because the Republicans have a 54 to 44 majority, they are in position to block any nominee they don't agree with.

Why not just follow the process and block whoever you're not in agreement with?  Why take the stand that you will allow no one until the next President?

To vote Republican, you have to be a real fucking loser, and to the Republican's benefit, this country is full of fucking losers.

You have to appreciate the mention of '87.

Justice = 10+21+19+20+9+3+5 = 87
Antonin = 1+14+20+15+14+9+14 = 87

You have to appreciate the mentions of the date 11/8, and what occurs when the Supreme Court reaches a 4-4 decision...

Death = 4+5+1+100+8 = 118 (Jewish Gematria)
Kill = 11+9+12+12 = 44