Tuesday, February 23, 2016

223 | Dos Anjos pulls out of UFC match vs McGregor with 'broken foot', February 23, 2016

Notice this news comes on February 23, two weeks before the March 5 fight.


This headline emerged moments after I exposed the latest Donald Cerrone and Alex Oliveira fight.  I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled the plug because I exposed them too hard in the last video I made on the upcoming rigged bout (McGregor vs Dos Anjos).


  1. You know, a foot is 12 inches, the stick we use to measure those inches with is called a ruler.
    Dos Anjos broken foot sounds like something larger is being communicated.
    Plus I still think the fact that rest of the world uses the metric system of masonry, I mean measurement, and we dont is significant

  2. So a guy who's name means Healed by God breaks his foot?

    1. That movie Deadpool, about an antihero wth crazy healing powers is in theaters now.

      Curiouser and curiouser

  3. Gotta love the confidence brimming from F2FT :)

    That comment by Prunella really got me thinking - yes, the broken foot is a metaphor for something larger.

    Rafael Dos Anjos =140. Obama =14. Rafael Dos Anjos =840. Obama =84.

    From 2/23 to 3/5 =11 days - Barack Obama is 11 letters.

    Two Twenty Three =221. February =122 (Bacon).

    Rafael Dos Anjos Broken Foot =261. On 3/5 it will be Obama's 2,601 day in office.

    This is more confirmation of Obama's upcoming hoaxed death. If you follow my comments - you know I look for combo's of 126 related to Obama - One Two Six =144, and 144 is the number boldly stamped on all high profile assassinations.

    In honor of today, 2/23 - here's a lil foolery of my own....

    Dos Anjos Broken Foote =223. President Barack Obama Broken Foote =304. I think the code wants me to add the E=5. The 5 for 50 - as in the 50th Super Bowl which totaled to 34 points, and 3/4 is the day before the fight on 3/5. Maybe something big happens to Obama on 3/4 that would make the UFC fight the following night irrelevant?

    UFC One Ninety Six =203, and there are 203 days left in the year from 3/4. Obama =32.

    One Ninety Six =1038. Rafael Dos Anjos =1038. Dos Anjos Broken Foot =1308.

    Dos Anjos will be back in the ring on May 28 - mark my words.

  4. Zachary, have u seen this??http://www.crossingbroad.com/2015/09/lunatic-conspiracy-theorist-also-thinks-the-eagles-will-be-in-the-super-bowl-here-are-five-crazy-ass-reasons-why.html