Monday, February 29, 2016

47 | Judge James Orenstein rules on 'Feds v Apple', February 29, 2016 (Apple vs Feds "by the numbers")

Another fitting headline for a fitting date.

Judge = 10+21+4+7+5 = 47
2/29/16 = 2+29+16 = 47

Making matters even more interesting, is the name of the judge.

James = 1+1+4+5+1 = 12/21
Orenstein = 6+9+5+5+1+2+5+9+5 = 47/56 (Star of David)
James Orenstein = 59/77

James = 10+1+13+5+19 = 48
Orenstein = 15+18+5+14+19+20+5+9+14 = 119 (Star of David) (All Seeing Eye)
James Orenstein = 167

Notice the name Orenstein is a Jewish name.

'77', as in 'James Orenstein', is also a number that applies to a judge and the legal system.

Court = 3+15+21+18+20 = 77

Like all news, this story is part of a contrived deception against the people.  When Obama was taking office, the telecommunication companies and government had already sold out the people, making it legal to collect everyone's data, while also protecting the constitution breakers from immunity.  Ultimately, the majority of the data that passes through your cell phone, is already collected by the government; texts, calls, etc.

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  1. Apples are a symbol of the Garden of Eden and knowledge of good and evil. Taking a bite/bit of forbidden data got Adam and Eve exiled. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out