Sunday, February 28, 2016

49 | Why I like a Cavs vs Warriors repeat of the NBA Finals in 2016 (Rigged NBA Exposed)

The NBA Playoffs begin April 16, and the NBA Finals begin 47-days later, June 2.  Remember, the first NBA Championship was played in the year '47, and was won by the Philadelphia Warriors.  This season has been seemingly centered around the Golden State Warriors success, as well as the Philadelphia 76ers lack of success.

With regards to the Warriors, their star player, Stephen Curry, is born March 14, and this year, the NBA playoffs will begin 33-days after his birthday.

Of course '33' connects to NBA Finals.

NBA Finals = 5+2+1+6+9+5+1+3+1 = 33/42

Notice the gematria of '42', this is a number often paired with '153', and this year the NBA Finals begin on June 2, which is typically the 153rd day of the year.  That said, this year is a leap year, making it the 154th day.  Ignoring this fact, and sticking with the '153', there is only one team in the NBA that has a name gematria of '42', and that is the Cleveland Cavs, with star player 'LeBron James'.  And yes, I recognize that the full name of the team is Cleveland Cavaliers, but they are more commonly referred to as the Cavs, which is also what their jerseys read.

Cleveland = 3+3+5+4+5+3+1+5+4 = 33
Cavs = 3+1+4+1 = 9/18
Cleveland Cavs = 42/51

LeBron = 3+5+2+9+6+5 = 30
James = 1+1+4+5+1 = 12/21
LeBron James = 42/51

Last year the Cavs were defeated by the Warriors 4-2 in the NBA Finals.  I think it is highly like there is a rematch of the two teams this season.  Prior to the last year's NBA Finals, the prior two years finished with the San Antonio Spurs vs the Miami Heat, LeBron's previous team.

In the history of the NBA, 13-times there has been a rematch of the prior year's NBA Finals.  Those 13 occurrences are below.

Should it happen this season, it will mark the 14th time in the history of the league.

It is interesting to note, that 49-years ago, the NBA Finals were San Francisco Warriors and Philadelphia 76ers.

49 is an important number to both the Warriors and Philadelphia, the city the Warriors are originally from.  Keep in mind the name 'Philadelphia' comes from Revelation of the Bible.

Warriors = 5+1+9+9+9+6+9+1 = 49
Revelation = 9+5+4+5+3+1+2+9+6+5 = 49

I just wrote about how the Warriors clinched a birth in the NBA playoffs 49-days before the start of the playoffs, most definitely not by coincidence.

In the history of the NBA, these are the NBA Finals 'Warriors related teams' have participated in.  Notice they have been in the NBA Finals 7 times, and have won 4 of 7, reminding of the year '47, the year of their first championship, again, the first year of the NBA.

Let us also examine the history of Philadelphia 76ers success in the NBA Finals.  You have to love that the first NBA Finals the Philadelphia 76ers participated in, was against the San Francisco Warriors, their former team.

You also have to love that the 76ers played in the NBA Finals in the '76-'77 season.  It's probably also a "coincidence" that the 76ers have played all four of their other championship matches against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Notice the 76ers last won the NBA Finals 33-years ago, over the Los Angeles Lakers.  Earlier this year, the Warriors began 16-0, by getting their 16th win against the Lakers, who have won 16 NBA Championships.

Sixteen = 1+9+6+2+5+5+5 = 33/42
NBA Finals = 5+2+1+6+9+5+1+3+1 = 33/42

If the Warriors go to the NBA Finals and win this year, they will have won 5 out of 8, rich reminds me of '58', connecting to where they play their home games, Oakland.

Oakland = 15+1+11+12+1+14+4 = 58
Freemasonry = 6+9+5+5+4+1+1+6+5+9+7 = 58