Saturday, February 13, 2016

71 | Scalia's Seismic Death, CNN Headlines

What a headline, and to think, I just made a video, showing the parallels between the Oklahoma earthquake and the death of Scalia...

Keep in mind, Scalia has reportedly died on the 44th day of the year, at age 79.

Seventy-one and forty-four are connected to assassination.

Scalia was also a 'Catholic'.

And for whatever reason, CNN is letting us know what Donald Trump thinks, like that fucking matters.


  1. The day that justice died in Texas'--313

  2. Catholic Church---132...flipon the date, same as Roman Catholic

  3. And being a Supreme Justice is quite the fat cat Mason-Zion position, so its no surprise that one of them got 86ed on

    Feburary Thirteenth---223

    1. You're killing, great work. It is also 144-days since September 23.

  4. Navigating the rabbit holes, as I have the tendency to leap from one to another, has led me to this...

    When the World Shook---223

    Just read the synopsis of the book. H. Rider Haggard was a fairly big name in his day. I've read a couple of his action-adventures. Wrote a lot of Lost World adventures. But this one...just check out the wika

  5. Ha! The earthquake happened in Fairview And Scala as a judge is supposed to have a Fair unbiased view. Which he obviously didnt. It's a total joke.