Friday, February 19, 2016

ESPN article on athletes who retired after age 40... (Racism Exposed)

Here is an interesting ESPN article worth taking a peek at.  Notice the numerous '42' tributes to the black men who retired after age 40...

You have to appreciate the debut date for one of the most popular names in hockey, another sport controlled by the gang, by the numbers.


10/5/90 = 10+5+90 = 105 (A lot like 10/5)

Zionism = 26+9+15+14+9+19+13 = 105
Masonry = 13+1+19+15+14+18+25 = 105

Do you get the sick joke?


  1. They were who the Broncos defeated in Super Bowl 33, they have the connections to both Favre and the Broncos, a man and a team that received major tributes this year. It is a great thought.

  2. That Babe Didrikson is a man. Won Female Athlete of the Year six times ... lmao. Her Adams Apple nearly poked me in the eye when I looked at her images. Sick joke all right.

  3. Whats the sick joke Zack, forgive me I am kind of slow(seriously)