Saturday, March 5, 2016

119 137 | CNN Pundit compares Donald Trump to George Wallace (Kalamazoo, MI shooting related)

Recall the Kalamazoo, MI shooting was a tribute to Taxi Driver, the film, and the character Travis Bickle played by Robert De Niro, was a fictional retelling of Arthur Bremer, the man who plotted to assassinate Richard Nixon and George Wallace.  More specifically, he plotted to assassinate Presidential candidate George Wallace in Kalamazoo, MI.

Kalamazoo, is also where Checker Cabs were originally made, which is what De Niro's character drove in Taxi Driver.  If you've never seen Taxi Driver, the film is set in a Presidential Election year, much like this year...

Above, it was Professor Julian Zelizer who was comparing Trump to Wallace because as he put it, they're both bigots.  Of course Donald Trump, as ridiculous as it is, is a front runner for President.

Professor = 7+9+6+6+5+1+1+6+9 = 50/68
Julian = 1+3+3+9+1+5 = 22
Zelizer = 8+5+3+9+8+5+9 = 47
Professor Julian Zelizer = 119/137 (137, the 33rd Prime)


  1. Maybe we've got the assination attempt on Obama wrong. I don't know where everyone lives, but here in the South it is turning into hardcore Trump country with all the closet racists, not to mention the tons upon tons of out in the open racists. An attempt on the Dons life just might set some riots off.

  2. Don't know if that image was just one you captured or the shot they are using but it is odd that

    One Nine Zero Nine Three Two---269, 1776

    I am always suspicious of a 1776

  3. Replies
    1. Trump like a Bullet---1188 English

      Bullet for Trump---199 Simple

    2. Of course Bully and Bullet are both 72, so a

      Bully Bullet---144

      Seems appropriate

    3. Trump Assassination--248

      President Donald Trump---248

      Fake Trump Assassination---1033(Jewish)

      I really should write this all down then post once, but that kills my stream of gematria consciousness.

    4. Maybe

      Trump and Obama Die Together---255

      A little inverse on out 552 second UFC title bout

      I'll stop for a minute!!

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    6. Trump Target---159

      Trump is Black Target---216

      BLM Kill Trump---159

  4. And this isn't the first mention of a Donald assassination. A NYT reporter tweeted that he knows how the Trump campaign will end. He referenced a scene from "The Dead Zone" where a politician was assassinated.