Sunday, March 13, 2016

355 | Why the GermanWings crash report reminds of the Sandy Hook shooting report

This story comes 355-days after the March 24, 2015 crash hoax.  It reminds of how the Sandy Hook shooting details were released 355-days after the fact as well.  The common link?  Both incidents were manufactured hoaxes for the media.  Further, the Sandy Hook report was 44-pages long, this GermanWings crash took place on the 44th Parallel North and there were supposedly 144 passengers on board.  In the Sandy Hook shooting, the victims were 'First Graders', which has gematria of '144'.

Of course because this story is a hoax, that means the report is a hoax as well.

You have to love the 2:23 time stamp.

Can you recall how 144, 223 and 666 all come together?  Those were all numbers coded into this story, a little less than a year ago.

Recall how the original crash date had 'Mason' signatures.

Andreas = 1+14+4+18+5+1+19 = 62
Mason = 13+1+19+15+14 = 62
3/24/2015 = 3+24+20+15 = 62

There's also this connection between 'GermanWings' and 'Freemasonry'.

Notice how 'Lubitz' was 27-yaers old.

Lubitz = 3+3+2+9+2+8 = 27 (27-years old)
27, a number associated with death