Sunday, March 13, 2016

42 51 87 | Jesse Hughes says 'Inside Job' at Bataclan before apologizing for remarks (The truth was spoken about Paris Terror Hoax)

Notie the timestamp of 2:22.  It was first reported that the Paris Terror Hoax lasted 222 minutes.  Recall, the most recognized monument in Paris, the Eiffel Tower, is named after a man with '222' name gematria.

Alexandre = 1+12+5+24+1+14+4+18+5 = 84
Gustave = 7+21+19+20+1+22+5 = 95
Eiffel = 5+9+6+6+5+12 = 43
Alexandre Eiffel = 127
Alexandre Gustave Eiffel = 222

Further, let us also recall how the band name acronym, EODM, which they use on their album covers and merchandise, connects to the number 222.

Let us not forget the supposed '89' victims at the concert.

In the post below I talk about their 2:22 length song, 'Secret Plans'.

Also, notice the emphasis on 'inside job' within the headline.  No doubt, this was an 'inside job', and it seems "The Devil", aka Jesse Hughes, had a moment of truth.

Inside = 9+5+1+9+4+5 = 33/42
Job = 1+6+2 = 9
Inside Job = 42/51 (Freemason = 42/51) (Conspiracy = 51/60)

Inside = 9+14+19+9+4+5=  60 (Conspiracy)
Job = 10+15+2 = 27
Inside Job = 87 (Truth) (Justice)

Before we examine the article, let us also decode the man being made to apologize.

Jesse = 1+5+1+1+5 = 13/31
The Devil = 2+8+5+4+5+4+9+3 = 40/58 (Freemasonry)
Hughes = 8+3+7+8+5+1 = 32/41
Jesse Hughes = 45/72 (Born in '72)
Jesse "The Devil" Hughes = 85/112/130 (They're saying 130 people were killed)

Jesse = 10+5+19+19+5 = 58 (The Devil)
"The Devil = 20+8+5+4+5+22+9+12 = 85
Hughes = 8+21+7+8+5+19 = 68
Jesse Hughes = 126
Jesse "The Devil" Hughes = 211 (47th Prime Number) (France = 6+18+1+14+3+5 = 47)

9/24/1972 = 9+24+19+72 = 124 (Son of Satan)
9/24/1972 = 9+24+(1+9+7+2) = 52 (Devil) (Kiss the Devil was playing during attack)9/24/1972 = 9+2+4+1+9+7+2 = 34
9/24/72 = 9+24+72 = 105 (Zionism, Masonry)

Notice how Jesse Hughes is making the '666' over his LEFT EYE.

Left = 3+5+6+2 = 16
Eye = 5+7+5 = 17
Left Eye = 33

Left = 12+5+6+20 = 43 (Currently 43-years old)
Eye = 5+25+5 = 35
Left Eye = 78 (Records spin at 78 RPMs) (Eagles of Death Metal)

When you're living a lie, you're more often to be living with trauma, as Jesse Hughes is.  Notice Jesse is having to go back on the truth, which he briefly admitted.  In the long run, he will regret this distancing of himself from the truth.  Someday we'll read about Jesse dying by the numbers, and he'll have to go to his death bed with the lie, instead of the truth.

With regards to him pointing out that the guards at the Bataclan were in on the attack, there is no doubt this is the truth.  It is the "authority" within our own governments that are the real terrorists, each and every time we are bombarded with one of these terrorist stories.

His details about no eye contact, missing guards, it is telling.  I suspect the "missing guards" changed their costumes and then got on with the act that was reported as the "ISIS terrorist attacks".

Further, notice ABC is now reporting 'ninety' people died.   Initial reports were 118 people, then 89 people, now 90 people?  Perhaps they're just rounding.

Ninety = 5+9+5+5+2+7 = 33
Ninety = 14+9+14+5+20+25 = 87 (Inside Job)

Let's not forget that the Bataclan was sold by its Jew owners on September 11, 2015, short before the attack on Friday, November 13, 2015.

Paris = 16+1+18+9+19 = 63
Charlie Hebdo = 3+8+1+9+3+9+5+8+5+2+4+6 = 63
Plus way more '63' as decoded in earlier work on the hoaxes that were


  1. Dude this fucking cunnyhead is an Illuminati PUPPET. He does as he is told,nothing more or less. He knew what he was saying, they told him to leak it out;then made him go and backtrack. I implore you and others to quit treat these PUPPETS as REAL folks saying Real shit;because they are NOT.

    All the top celebs and folks that go before they eyes of the dribbling, babbling masses are ALL "in on it" and always have been; and all of them know what they are doing and say nothing that isn't pre packaged and scripted by someone else. I get pretty fucking sick of this shit lad, I really do.... A lot of these motherfuckers are clones formulated underground, or members of the 13 Bloodlines themselves. These celebs,politicians,etc. all lead lives behind closed doors and are a part of stuff and do things the masses have no clue about. So cease your treatment of these folks as real, they are not.

    1. Do you have any support for what you're saying? No you do not. In other words, don't run your mouth.

  2. I think one of Black Child's loyaltists had come over to spread the word on 5th Dimension Alien Cyborg Illuminati Clones and their Transgender AGENDA.

    1. We are living in

      The Demonic Fifth Deminsion---660

    2. Slowly but surely they are building the

      Infant Cyborg Army---191

    3. There is no spoon---192 Simple

      I know kung fu----912