Tuesday, March 15, 2016

69 96 239 | The significance of Donald Trump running away with the Republican Nomination on March 15, 2016

Another trump headline, another '96'.  Freemason = 6+18+5+5+13+1+19+15+14 = 96

So Donald Trump may become the clear nominee on the Ides of March?  With each passing day, the "May 23 George Wallace repeat theory" becomes that much stronger.

May 23 follows March 15 by 69-days, or 9-weeks and 6-days...

And making matters even more interesting, it is a span of 239-days from March 15 to election day, November 8.  Remember, the country is in its 239th year of existence, and this is has been a very special number throughout this last year.

Trump is running to be the 44th person to be President.  This connects to Julius Caesar's March 15, 44 BC assassination.

Julius = 1+3+3+9+3+1 = 20/29
Caesar = 3+1+5+1+1+9 = 20/29
Julius Caesar = 40/58 (Freemasonry = 58)

Julius = 10+21+12+9+21+19 = 92
Casear = 3+1+19+5+1+18 = 47
Julius Caesar = 139 (Freemasonry)

Where it all started, nearly a year ago.

In other words, it looks like it is in the bag for Trump... unless there is a "big surprise" ahead.



  1. So are you starting to think he goes down instead of Obummer?

    1. It could be both of them. 1968 had two major political assassinations, Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy ( who was running for President)

    2. How about this;

      "twenty seventeen" in the English Ordinal system equals 216

  2. "trump bites the dust" in the English Reduction system equals 69

    "trump bites the dust" in the English Sumerian system equals 1440

  3. 5/23 could be a VERY BIG assassination.....but I don't see it as Trump - we've done wayyyyyy too much work on Obama's assassination, and he only has days left in his Presidency. The TIME for Obama is Now, or 5/23.

    Twenty Third Of May =2233. World War Three =2233. The murder of a sitting American President would indeed be a trigger for WW3....and that 2233 # is quite unsettling.

    1. Perfect set up for people to rally around Hillary and forget her sins.

    2. March 25 is the reflection of May 23
      March 25 is Good Friday, the date Lincoln was shot in history.

    3. Or should I say, that either scenario is good for Hillary Rodham, which equals 144

    4. Twenty Fifth Of March =220. Two Hundred Twenty =239.

      I'm a big fan of this Easter having a major Major fake death associated with it.....Castro =324, and I think it will be him or somebody that visited with him ;)

      3/25 is a Friday (Good) - TGIF =122. March =122. One Twenty Two =199. March Twenty Fifth =199.

  4. Ted Cruz said "Trump can't beat Hillary Clinton"

    "Trump can't beat Hillary Clinton" in the English Reduction system equals 119

  5. Maybe we will get an alien visitation. Hillary promised to investigate Area 51 and if you add ET to Trump you get Trumpet. And doesnt that describe him in the snickering ironic way out overlords enjoy (like Dr. Wayne Carver, etc) He's certainly brassy and full of hot wind.

    1. "donald trumpet" in the English Reduction system equals 55

  6. Hillary/Hilarity

    Lincoln + t (crucifix)

  7. Interesting numbers here:

    Kasich beats Trump in Ohio with 44% of the vote to Trump 32%

    "Kasich" in the English Ordinal system equals 51
    "Kasich" in the English Reduction system equals 24

  8. I'm in Ohio... Kasich cheated... We'll probably be hearing more about that tomorrow..
    My tribute to Marco Rubio...
    "Goodbye Rubio Tuesday"