Thursday, March 17, 2016

36 85 121 144 | Warriors defeat Knicks 121-85, March 16, 2016

1:22 timestamp.  121 points, again.

Golden State = 7+15+12+4+5+14+19+20+1+20+5 = 122
Warriors = 23+1+18+18+9+15+18+19 = 121

Remember, New York is the land of 'Revelation' coding.

Revelation = 18+5+22+5+12+1+20+9+15+14 = 121
7/26/88 = 7+26+88 = 121 (NY established on 7/26/1788)

Notice New York lost with 85-points.

Basketball = 2+1+19+11+5+20+2+1+12+12 = 85

Notice how the Warriors won by 36-points.  Remember, this is the year of '666', and if you sum 1-36, it totals 666.  This is fitting for a game against the 'Knickerbockers'.

The NBA Finals start 11-weeks and 1-day after this game, March 16, 2016.

Also, let us not forget, the number 666 was made infamous in the Book of Revelation, the same place the name 'Philadelphia' comes from, where the Warriors were originally located.

March = 13+1+18+3+8 = 43


  1. In regards to other pro sports championship The Following players were signed in free agency this year by the Anaheim Ducks: Chris Mueller, Shawn Horcoff, and Harry Zolnierczyk. They still play for the ducks. "Chris Mueller" equals 62 in English reduction. "Stanley Cup Finals" equals 62 in English Reduction. "Shawn Horcoff" equals 136 in English ordinal. "Stanley Cup" equals 136 in English Ordinal. Finally "Harry Zolnierczyk" equals 99 in English Reduction this being the 99th season of the NHL's operation. Looks like this ones for the mighty ducks! Just like the Disney movie..

  2. even without the numbers the Warriors could beat the Knicks .whoever runs these sports doesn't like the owner James Dolan in Phil Jackson that prob y the Knicks lose

    Just like the ppl who riff the nfl doesn't like the Raiders the jets in Cowboys because they hated the raiders owner al Davis in with the jets woody Johnson doesn't like the way bob Kraft gets treated in speaks out about it sucks for the jets

    In with Jerry jones the powers that be are mad because Jerry jones made his own outside deals without sharing with the other owners

    So if your a Knicks raiders jets Cowboys u just have to accept it

    1. They aren't really mad at them. Each of those teams you named are marketing elites and don't need championships. Like Roddy Piper.