Sunday, March 6, 2016

Louis C.K. compares Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler- why the comparison is an insult to Hitler

Louis C.K. doesn't know what the fuck he is talking about.  When people reference Hitler as evil, that is only following the Zionist Jew (New World Order) programming.

Hitler was well spoken and on point in his message, calling out exactly what was wrong with the world and speaking exactly to what needed to be done.  If you have never listened to Hitler yourself, take the time, his speeches have been translated.  Donald Trump is a buffoon who appeals to idiots.  To compare the two, is almost foolish.

That said, the common link between both men, is that they were and are backed by Jews.  It was the Zionists who financed Hitler as it is the Zionists who are behind Trump's campaign and who have allotted him all of this TV/media time for the past year.

In this paragraph, I have to agree with Louis.  Out of the Republican field, the only passable candidate is Kasich, but he is a fraud too, don't be deceived.  The only way to get on the big stage is to be a fraud.

Why did he say FDR?  Because FDR put all the Japanese in internment camps.