Wednesday, April 6, 2016

109 123 232 | Cavaliers lose to Pacers "by the numbers", 109-123, April 6, 2016

ESPN had this graphic up for much of the day on their NBA page.  Is it any wonder they lost with 109 points tonight again the Pacers?  Again, 109, is the 29th prime, yesterday they won with 109, by 29-points.  Tonight, the top scorer for the Pacers dropped 29 on the game.

Ohio = 6+8+9+6 = 29

The game was played in 'Indianapolis'.  You have to appreciate the home team finishing with '123' points.

LeBron James did not play tonight.  This is something I did not know when I wrote the preview video.

Checkout these words that have to do with '232'.