Wednesday, April 6, 2016

33 54 106 | Astros defeat Yankees in New York, Opening Game of Season, April 5, 2016 (World Series Clues)

Notice the Astros and Yankees game got delayed one day, beginning on April 5, 2015, written at 5/4 in many parts of the world.

Baseball = 2+1+19+5+2+1+12+12 = 54
Astros, 54-years old this season
5/4 opening day, against most winningest team in MLB history

Notice the starting pitcher threw 106 pitches, the number of prophecy.  If you ask me, playing in New York, the land of Revelation and Prophecy, against the winningest team in baseball history, and tossing the number of pitches that represent prophecy, it means something.  I'm sure by now you know my picks for the World Series.

In his 106 pitch effort, D. Keuchel got the win.

D. Keuchel = 4+2+5+3+3+8+5+3 = 33

Last year was the 111th World Series, this year will be the 112th.

New York = 14+5+23+25+15+18+11 = 111
Houston = 8+15+21+19+20+15+14 = 112