Wednesday, April 13, 2016

41 50 58 60 113 | Kobe's final game, big tribute at 4.1 seconds....

Kobe wins the finale in the scripted comeback.  It was Kobe's 6th, 60 point game of his career.

6+60 = 66
Lakers = 12+1+11+5+18+19 = 66

Below, there's a lot I have to add to these slides.  For now, you can look through them.  At 4.1 seconds, after Kobe's staged comeback win, he received a major tribute.

Kobe = 2+6+2+5 = 15
Bryant = 2+9+7+1+5+2 = 26
Kobe Bryant = 41 (13th Prime)
Ref #13 was running the game

As you scroll, you will notice ESPN kept a focus on Kobe's points and FG attempts all game.

Basketball = 22
Bryant = 26 (Twenty = 26)
Black Mamba = 59

Kobe Bryant = 41
41 is the 13th Prime Number

Of course Kobe put in the 59th points.

Kobe Bryant = 41
41 is the 13th prime

Basketball = 22/31/85

The 3-14 also reminds me of 3.14, Pi, cycles and circles.

Kobe hit a three on his 33rd attempt of the game, bringing the Lakers to 66.  Fitting.

Lakers = 12+1+11+5+18+19 = 66
Thirty-Three = 2+8+9+9+2+7+2+8+9+5+5 = 66

Further, notice those were Kobe's 37th points.

Los Angeles = 3+6+1+1+5+7+5+3+5+1 = 37
Lakers = 3+1+2+5+9+1 = 21
Los Angeles Lakers = 58 (Freemasonry)

Notice that Utah had 73-points at the time of Kobe's 37th points.  73 is the 21st prime number.

Lakers = 3+1+2+5+9+1 = 21

37-points, 37-attempts, in the 82nd game of the season, on the 104th day of the year.  Inbound at 10:04?

Kobe got a breather after scoring his 40th points.  The score hadn't updated yet, it should have shown 76.

You have to love that his prior season high came on February 2, the 33rd day of the year.

Kobe = 11+15+2+5 = 33
4/13/16 = 4+13+16 = 33
February 2, 33rd Day of the Year

Last night Kobe became only the second player to score 40 or more against every opponent in the NBA.

Second = 1+5+3+6+5+4 = 24/33
Second = 19+5+3+15+14+4 = 60

Los Angeles = 3+6+1+1+5+7+5+3+5+1 = 37/55
Lakers = 3+1+2+5+9+1 = 21/30
Los Angeles Lakers = 58/85 (Freemasonry)
***Basketball = 2+1+19+11+5+20+2+1+12+12 = 85

Kobe Bryant eclipses the record of 41 points!  How fitting.

Kobe Bryant = 41

Nice score tribute on the bottom of the screen ticker.

Freemason = 96 (Bulls, '96)
Michael Jordan = 113
Kobe Bryant = 113
Utah Jazz = 113
Mainstream = 113
Dishonest = 113

Shaq wasn't feeling it.  Between the two, I prefer the sociopathic personality of Shaq to Kobe.

Kobe's 47th points of the game were the 86th for the Lakers.  Symbolic!

Symbol = 86; Triangle = 86; Pyramid = 86
First NBA Championship in '47 (Kobe, one of NBA's greatest Champions)

Kobe's family came into the picture at this point.

Kobe brought the score to 88 points, with his 49th points, for the California fans at the Staples Center.

Purple = 16+21+18+16+12+5 = 88 (Program) (Poison)
California = 3+1+12+9+6+15+18+14+9+1 = 88
Staples Center = 1+2+1+7+3+5+1+3+5+5+2+5+9 = 49/58/67

Kobe eclipsed 50 points, cutting the deficit to 6-points, 96-90.

Notice Kobe came into the game against Utah with "24" 50-point games.  I had a hunch he would go for 50...

Utah = 21+20+1+8 = 50
Twenty-Four = 2+5+5+5+2+7+6+6+3+9 = 50

One of many Masons in the stand.

Jay-Z = 10+1+25+26 = 62
Mason = 13+1+19+15+14 = 62

Fifty-one, that special number.

Freemason = 51
Conspiracy = 51

The 19-47 also reminds of the first NBA Championship, played in 1947, and won by the Philadelphia Warriors over the Chicago Stags.  Remember, Kobe is originally from Philly.

I don't think the above shot was any coincidence in light of the game being called, 'Kobe's Farewell'.

Jack was feeling it!

One point game with 59 seconds!

With '59 seconds' on the clock, you know it was 'Black Mamba' time.

Black = 2+12+1+3+11 = 29
Mamba = 13+1+13+2+1 = 30
Black Mamba = 59 (Michael Jordan) (Negro) (Slave) (Blues)

Black = 2+3+1+3+2 = 11
Mamba = 4+1+4+2+1 = 12
Black Mamba = 23 (Michael Jordan wore #23)

With '59' seconds on the clock, the cameramen were sure to show some other "black mambas" in the crowd.

The D O DOUBLE G loves the '33'.

DOGG = 4+15+7+7 = 33
Kobe = 11+15+2+5 = 33

What could be more fitting than '25' "50+" point games?

You have to love it.  Kobe gives the Lakers their first lead, after scoring his 58th points...

Los Angeles = 3+6+1+1+5+7+5+3+5+1 = 37
Lakers = 3+1+2+5+9+1 = 21
Los Angeles Lakers = 58 (Freemasonry = 58)

Timeout with 31 seconds!

Basketball = 2+1+1+2+5+2+2+1+3+3 = 22/31

While Kobe was resting up with 58-points, the Warriors were busy breaking the record for wins in a season, setting the new mark at '73'.

Again, 73 is the 21st prime number.

Lakers = 3+1+2+5+9+1 = 21

Kobe also shares a few other parallels with the Warriors.

Kobe Bryant = 41/50
Golden State = 41/50

Golden State also has gematria of '122'.  Kobe once scored 81-points out of 122, while his team scored the remaining 41-points, on a January 22.  The Warriors scored 122 on January 22 again earlier this year.

There's another '33' that's feeling it.

Hall = 8+1+12+12 = 33

The camera was actually on Arsenio Hall for a lot of the game... perhaps foreshadowing for what is to come in the NBA this year.

Arsenio Hall was born February 12, 1956, in Cleveland, Ohio.

2/12/1956 = 2+1+2+1+9+5+6 = 26 (Bryant) (Twenty)
Cleveland = 3+3+5+4+5+3+1+5+4 = 33

59 points for the "Black Mamba".

Then 60, for the 6th time in his career...

Of course Kobe was taken out with 4.1 seconds on the clock, no coincidence.

Kobe Bryant = 61

Jack got to witness Kobe's 25th 50+ point game.

Jack = 10+1+3+11 = 25

6+60 = 66
Lakers = 66

22 of 50?  Pathetic.

Basketball = 22

Two of the biggest assholes to ever live.

And 6 of 21 from three?

Lakers = 21

Arsenio's face says it all.  Damn that clock keeper is good.

A fitting stat line for a sociopath, which is exactly what Kobe Bryant was for his entire NBA career.

The camera was glued to Lamar Odom at the end.  Uh oh.


  1. All Day They Were Saying It Was Mamba Day

    I just checked what mamba day is on the Gematria calculator in simple gematria it is 60!

    Guess How Many Points Kobe Finished With! 60 pts!

    1. Comical. I just copied this and posted it on Facebook, but these morons will never get it...

  2. I wish Sports were real so fucking stupid.

    Anyways with Super Bowl 51 around the corner it makes even more sense for Cleveland who hasn't won a ring in 51 years to win

  3. I mean it's only one game he didn't even make the playoffs in as far as Lamar odom go I thought he learnt his lesson already I mean this guy sacrificed his best friend for them unless those kardashians are still after him

  4. Absolute Disgrace! Why didn't he just take every shot? 50 shots really? Leave it to Kobe the Most SELFISH PLAYER in all of SPORTS! He wanted to steal the attention from the Golden State Record! 60 point on 50 SHOTS isn't impressive its terrible!

    1. Kobe is shitty all these players are shitty and over hyped the only impressive player is Curry Truly impressive

    2. Yeah hes a great shooter and all but no real defense is being played on him. Im just as tall as him i could probably limit him to 20 ppg.

    3. He's one of those types of players where you have to follow him all around the court and take him off his spots.

  5. "Kobe's last game" = 130

    Haha fitting....

  6. the nba rims are definitely magnectic. Did anyone see SC flurry of 3s. It seems that shooters like kyle korver cant get one to drop. He has a great form and everything. Aint it crazy that in the gs-olc game where he made that 32 footer that they didnt call a timeout and just let it play out and steve kerr doesn't even get mad at curry. If i did something like that the coach would be pissed at me.

    1. he takes them at self will. He doesn't care just fires away and it goes in. LOL gs was supposed to score 73 in the first half. Curry can't bank in the numerological tributes.

  7. Seventy three equals 58 like freemason. How fitting.

    The number 73 is the 21st prime but it is also a star number which is tied to the hexagram or the star of david.

    The reflection of 73-9 is 9-73 which the record for most losses in a season set 43 years go by the Philadelphia 76ers. As we know the Warriors were originally from Philadelphia.

    73 is also the number of books in the Catholic bible.

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    3. All your facts are good but your a Spurs fan so your only making a case for the Spurs

      The Warriors just won 73 games I'm not saying there gonna win the title but at this point it's hard to see them losing

      Your not gonna break Jordan record just to lose in the wcf unless curry gets hurt

      In if Spurs somehow get to the finals lebron is still gonna win

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    5. I believe if the finals are Cleveland vs Golden State, Cleveland wins.

      San Antonio vs Cleveland, San Antonio wins.

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    10. i feel like they built up steph curry so hard, that it would make a lot more sense to feed them to the cavaliers in the finals, kobe retires,lebron wins championship, lakers get #1 draft pick.

    11. Warriors odds now 5/7.......Wish Zach could break down the final games..... Cavs are now with 57 wins? And 25 Loses....backwards 52 = Prophecy important number and they ended with 33 wins at home-8. Pistons record 44-38......

      That 57 could be for the Cavs ....Cavs have 3-1 odds.......31 backwards 13 for Lebron...

    12. Never mind they got their 57th win 109-94.....19= Amtrak and 49.....

      203 sum Lebron number.........

      On 4/11.....

  12. Kobe goes out with a


    Mamba Out---414(J) Today's Date.

    Could the assassination attempt on a politican happen in 24 days or 5-8? How many 58s and 85s have we seen lately.

    Food for thought.

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  13. I wish I can bet all you guys thinking lebron is going to win the title this year.

    1. Why don't you think lebron will win this year?

    2. Basketball wise he's not that good he's just a freakish body that gets calls when he barges through the lane.clevland has good players but they just don't mesh as well as warriors Spurs Miami Boston and others.although he still might make the finals cause east sucks and it'll be easy for refs to take him there, I doubt his team 3 rounds in can beat warriors or Spurs .reality wise IMO he's just a puppet for whoever has the rights to him at the time.he has no 33 he's not backed by anybody with 33 from what i searched I could be wrong but still ,where in Miami he was backed by Riley=33. if u say Cleveland=33 then they should win it every year. He gets ratings somewhat but don't you notice how every other team has something magical going on in there season not Cleveland or lebron cause he can't perform when I say perform I mean for the elites not basketball wise endless they put turn on the magnets. You can say hey it's all for the grand plan for Cleveland to win the title this year and he'll one can be 100 percent right but IMO that would be a dumb plan..

  14. I think Russell westbrook and steph curry are the two top players in the league right now.