Sunday, April 10, 2016

51 83 89 98 114 132 | NBA Finals Preview, should it be Cleveland Cavs & Golden State Warriors

The scores above are from the games played between the Cavs and Warriors this past regular season. Let us examine what is interesting about them.

In their first matchup, December 25, 2015, the Warriors won, 89-83.  This score points to LeBron James.

King James = 89 (LeBron's nickname)
83 is the 23rd prime, and LeBron wears #23

The second game is a tribute, at least in part, to the Philadelphia train wreck, of May 12, 2015, that was connected to the NBA Finals.  Recall, the train wreck happened on the 132nd day of the year, in Philadelphia, where the Warriors are originally from.  In the wreck, the number 98 was heavily coded, which showed up in Game 1 of the NBA Finals when both teams scored 98 in regulation, sending the game to overtime.  That game came 98-days before the two teams last played, February 26, 2015.

Notice further, the Cavs and Warriors have played each other 113 times to date, the next time will be the 114th, which will likely be in the NBA Finals.

LeBron James = 114

Further, notice in the regular season, the teams have played 107 times, the next will be the 108th.

Golden State Warriors = 108

Also, notice that the Cavs have won 51-times in the regular season against the Warriors.  That is interesting because this year marks 51-years and some months without a pro sports championship for the city of Cleveland.  The last team was the '64 Cleveland Browns.

Cleveland = 51
LeBron James = 51
Cleveland Cavs = 51
Conspiracy = 51
Freemason = 51

This is LeBron's 13th year in the NBA, it is Curry's 7th.

Good = 7+15+15+4 = 41 (13th prime)
Bad = 2+1+4 = 7

Let us also examine the record between the Cavs and Spurs, just in case.  There is something interesting here as well.

Notice, in the history of the two teams, they have played 93 times including the playoffs.

Spurs = 19+16+21+18+19 = 93

Further, they have met 89-times in the regular season, with the Spurs winning 58 and the Cavs 31.

King James = 89
Freemasonry = 58
Basketball = 31

These numbers are interesting, but not as interesting as the Cavs and Warriors.

The sums of the two teams box scores from this past season are also not as interesting when compared with the Warriors.

Let us also examine the Cavs and Thunder history.

These teams have never met in the NBA Playoffs, and have played 107 matches against each other.  If they went to the NBA Finals, the series would likely end 4-2, thus having both teams played each other 113 times, a special number in the league, but that is just speculation.

What stands out is that Oklahoma City leads the series with '61' games.

Oklahoma City = 61

Keep in mind, it was actually the Seattle Super Sonics who won the majority of those games.

From their last regular season matchup to the start of the NBA Finals, is a span of 14-weeks and 4-days.

Remember the relationship between 44 and 144.  Also, recall that the NBA Finals begin on a date with '44' numerology.

6/2/2016 = 6+2+20+16 = 44

Anyhow, when the NBA Finals roll around, I can almost guarantee it will be one of these three match ups.  In terms of alignment, it seems Warriors and Cavs rematch makes the most sense, something I've been talking about for awhile.


  1. Lebrons 13th dude IMPORTANT since he is 31.....Kobe and Jordan won titles in their 13th seasons...

    6th final appearance wore number 6 for the Heat......9th Season in Total with Cleveland...69

    4 seasons with heat and 9....49

    Its a wrap

    For all you Warrior fan boys "Cough"Brother berg....


    ^Really? -___-

    on 4/9.....

    1. he supporting it because what is going to happen in the end? lol

    2. Also that Part with the Fortune Cookie.....wishes to be 73-9.....


      They are telling you

    3. Yep. I've never seen this many Warrior fanboys and I'm from Oakland. They are hyping up Steph Curry to Jordan status. I wonder how much money will be on the Warriors

  2. I wanna say lebron wins but now that it looks like the Warriors are a lock for 73 wins it's hard to see them losing I think the nba found its new dynasty

    I hope I'm wrong but I can't see a team with the new Jordan losing the Freemasons did a good job creating the Warriors

    1. They are Scripting the Warriors loses vs Trash teams they will script them to lose against the cavs

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  4. Can't see anyone agreeing with this comment but here goes.
    We know how important circles and pi are in all of this. Warriors will break the '96 bulls record. The bulls beat the supersonics in that years finals. Thunder (supersonics) beat GSW in this year's playoffs. Crazy circle.
    And the Thunder are 49 years old.
    49th prime number is 227.

  5. just remember the twolves lost flip saunders before the season started and he was from cleveland

    and if warriors do finish the season with 73 wins
    73 = sacrifice

    i saw a lot of 73s after day 3 of the masters and willett was one that didnt have that score

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    1. Interesting. This is all new to me, never even watched a full game yet.

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  7. Are there ever any links to other sports. Was just looking at the last time Cleveland won a championship. Was the '64 NFL championship. They beat the baltimore colts.
    Baltimore = 41. Golden state = 41.
    The date was 12/27/1964 = 122. Golden state = 122.
    Baltimores regular season record was 12-2.
    Clevelands was 10-3-1. Like 131. Championship =131.
    The year 1964.
    Nineteen sixty four = 90/243
    Golden state warriors = 90/243
    Maybe cavs beat GS 51 years after beating the Colts then the Colts win SB51.

    1. Great work. The Warriors lost the NBA finals in '64.