Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 12, 2016 ESPN NFL Graphic, what stands out to you?

4 helmets
5 helmets

Baltimore, Chicago, Indianapolis, New York, Dallas, Green Bay, Houston, New England (Boston), San Diego...


  1. The colts in Giants helmets next to each other . Also Giants could beat Cowboys packers in bears on there way to the sb

    Also colts beat Houston for division then they beat chargers wild card the they beat Ravens then they beat pats in afc title game

    Then they lose to the Giants in the sb51

  2. Well the draft is in Chicago the first big nfl event of the season and the helmet right below that is Houston where the super bowl is, the last big event of the season. The Giants helmet is above the Chargers, Eli manning was originally drafted by the Chargers but then was traded to the Giants during the draft. The colts are above New England who they'll likely play and beat in the AFC playoffs if not championship. While Baltimores helmet, where the colts are originally from, is above Green Bay who the Giants will likely play in the Nfc playoffs. The most obvious of all of course being the Giants and colts right next to each other. Another matchup could be Cowboys vs packers with their helmets right next to each other. Remember that controversial game between the teams last year where dez Bryant made a catch but then ruled incomplete though it was clearly a touchdown... That could be a playoff matchup this year with super bowl foreshadowing

  3. they give us this clue on the 103rd day of the year. eli manning bday is 1/3 :-)

  4. I just thought of the first Giants game of last season against the cowboys where Eli told the running back not to score. I wonder why they had to lose that first game to the Cowboys. Hmmmm

  5. Today being the 103rd day of the year, is the 27th prime number. Last superbowl was on 2/7. If this image isnt a clue, I dont know what is. Thank you Zach!
    Also it is fitting to give this clue today as 4/12 to 9/8 is 150 days or 3600 hours or 216,000 minutes. From 9/8 to the SB on 2/5/17 is also 150 days or 3600 hours or 216,000 minutes.

  6. No no no no no! The Texans! The star looks like the all seeing eye. Center of page. It's gotta be. The capital G for my home team next to them. Jj watt from Wisconsin plus some other broods. The have had some very poor seasons. No numbers here but I could and would love a G.B vs. Texas. North vs. South. Scott Walker(WI) and Cruz(TX) running team for a tribute here, SEEING AS Paul Ryan (WI) today said no.

    1. ...or did he say no? (Paul Ryan).

    2. Cruz Walker in simple gematria 138
      45th president in simple gematria 138

      ...and drops the mic

    3. And drops the mic in simple gematria 149
      Zachary k Hubbard in simple gematria 149

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  8. Beside the football I see other sports as well. The obvious is the Chicago Cubs over Houston Astros in center.

    Could the upper right corner and lower left corner be New York Islanders vs Dallas Stars?

  9. Giants beat the Packers / Cowboys & Patriots to win their Super Bowl.

    Indianapolis beat Chicago to win their SuperBowl.

    Baltimore, far left. Houston smack in the middle the host of this years Super Bowl.

    Comical. Form the alignment as well. Your Super Bowl matchup and victor are right next to each other, upper right hand corner, staring at us :)

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