Wednesday, May 9, 2018

26 | James Paxton's no-hitter for the Seattle Mariners, May 8, 2018

Already in this MLB Season (2018), there has been a no-hitter thrown in Mexico, the United States, and Canada.  This most recent, on May 8, 2018, by James Paxton, was in Canada and thrown by a Canadian, Paxton.

The no-hitter came 26-weeks and 1-day after his birthday.

Game = 26; Ballgame = 26; *Seattle Mariners = 62

It also came 26-weeks before his 30th birthday.

You have to like the 99-pitches too.

This was the 6th no-hitter by a Mariners pitcher in history.

The no-hitter was in Toronto, against the Blue Jays.

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