Tuesday, May 14, 2019

17 22 79 | New Orleans Pelicans get top pick in Zion Williamson sweep stakes, May 14, 2019

Notice this comes at the conclusion of the Pelicans 17th season, on May 14, 2019, the 71-year anniversary of the establishment of Zionist Israel.

The names connect as well.

79, the 22nd prime; Basketball = 22
5/14/2019 = 5+1+4+2+0+1+9 = 22


  1. It wasn't Pelicans 17th Season how that possible? Old Charlotte Hornets relocated to New Orleans and where New Orleans Hornets

    1. They've been in New Orleans for 17 years. Charlotte Hornets years don't count because after the Hornets went to New Orleans, Charlotte still had their own team and they were called the Bobcats.

    2. French Quarter = 71

      #1 Pelicans #4 Knicks
      Think Notre Dame....
      Power outage in Louisana the same night as in NYC ...
      Notice Joe McKnight #25 (7) death ...Jets & born in New Orleans
      Notice Will Smith #91 (1) death ... Saints & born in NY

      Kill=17 Ohio=17 RNC was in Ohio

      Trump=88 Pelican bay =88 DC sniper =88

    3. DUKE=17
      Former Duke player #17 reddick failed with 76ers
      Red white and blue
      Seth =17 played for Duke wears #31 and Seth curry =31

      Warriors are 3-1 in finals ... They were up 3-1 vs cavs Ohio=17
      Steph was born in Ohio just like lebron James #23

      Warriors will lose the championship and drop to 3-2
      Magic 32 stepped away , a spartan just like Draymond #23

      Brady from the bay are played in the Super Bowl on 2/3
      Scored 13pts ... At age 41 vs Yellow and Blue RAMS
      Brady is #12
      Durant will miss games #1 and #2 and return game #3
      Conspiracy =123

      123=ABC =32 ..... 32nd parallel = Louisana / Israel /Iran

    4. Lillard is 0-7 vs Warriors in playoffs will it be 1-7 tonight ?

      Training days character LONZO=17 " I'll put cases on all you n#%^€
      Send you to PELICAN bay "

      Warriors legend #17 from St. John's ... Chris Mullen was interviewed pre game

  2. if u go to wikepedia, under NO Pelicans, It states Zion Williamson under ownership, under head coach etc on right side, weird

    1. Those are just trolls lol

    2. Nice Find!! That's insane. The NFL #1 Draft Pick Kyler Murray went to a the Arizona CARDINALS (A BIRD), a Pelican is a bird.
      The BROWN Pelican is listed has having a Mass of 7.6 lbs and
      Zion's DOB is 7/6.

    3. Ever seen the Movie The Pelican Brief?

      "Trade Zion to Knicks = 79
      "The Pelican Brief" = 79
      "New Orleans Wins" = 79
      "Zion Williamson" = 79

      "DVD Release Date Signal" = 79 <<<<<<<<<<<<

      What day was that?......September 7th

      "September Seventh" = 83 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 23rd Prime
      "Zion Trade Date [Knicks]" = 83
      "Movie Release Signal" = 83
      "The Pelican Brief" = 83
      "New York New York U.S.A." = 83

      "The NBA" = 23 <<<<< 9th Prime
      "Fake" = 23
      "Coded" = 23
      "Agenda" = 23


  3. He also said zion would go to the Knicks lol

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  5. Right after Pelicans won lottery, I looked at New orleans wekepedia page and Zion Willianson is listed under 'ownership'...I wonder how long it was their, I looked 3 minutes after they won!

  6. Zach sold out for the money

    1. Wrong. Zach was ALWAYS in it for the money.

  7. It's not drafted yet. NO can pull a Sam Bowie or a trade. If he stays a Pelican, it means the best he'll do is be another Dominique Wilkins. The next best ever won't be a Pelican. Or the knicks and Lakers picks are the Players who become big deals over time

    1. well a cleveland cav would never be best either, They drafted Lebron and he played 7 years before leaving...Zion He can play a few years there... hes untradeable

  8. Chicago could trade up from 7 to 1 draft Zion. Don't be surprised if he ends up in Boston, those goyim morons need more distractions.

  9. DID YOU KNOW THAT "LEBRON RAYMONE JAMES" overlaps in all four cyphers with "New Orleans Pelicans", as well as in Sumerian (1230). The Lakers got #4 pick, and LeBron is going for Ring #4.

    1. And to put it in our faces.... Kyle Kuzma wore "The Hand of The King" on his suit during the draft, which shows 3 rings. The Lakers got #4 pick. LeBron's 4th championship season upcoming, as Zach said.

  10. "Alcatraz" means "Pelican"
    Zion had the Nike shoe blow out 2/20/19 or 20/2 (San Francisco = 202)
    it happened 33 seconds in the game. Pelican = 33 you take the ferry from pier 33.
    Nike Missile Site SF 88 in Golden Gate National Recreation Area, is the only Nike Missile Site the USA kept for historic purposes. According to the SALT I Treaty USA and Russia could keep one site for historic purposes.
    Obama was at that game when the Nike shoe blew. He was wearing a Number 44 bomber jacket.
    May 14 is 88 days from August 10 and Tisha b'Av
    I have a longer comment on Dan's blog.

  11. "Lottery Winner" = 72, 198, 1829
    "Traded to New York" = 72, 198, 1829
    "Zion is Traded" = 72

    "New Orleans Pelicans Trade Zion Williamson" = 444, 555
    "Do What thou Wilt shall be the Whole of the Law" = 444, 555

    "Trade to New York Knickerbockers" = 2222
    "Hoax by the USA Government" = 2222

    "Pelicans Trade with Knicks" = 101, 254
    "May Fourteenth Winner" = 101, 254

    "Number One NBA Draft Pick" = 95
    "Top Lottery Pick Traded" = 95
    "New Orleans Trades Zion" = 95
    "Trade Zion Williamson" = 95
    "Trade with Knicks" = 95
    "Knicks" = 95
    "One" = 95


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