Wednesday, February 1, 2017

11 40 41 52 57 97 131 | Falcons blowout Patriots in Madden Super Bowl simulation, January 31, 2017 +Vic Beasley & Martellus Bennett

Madden = 23/41
*Football = 83; 83, the 23rd prime
*Super Bowl = 41; 41, the 13th prime

Notice this simulation was conducted January 31, 2017, emphasis on 1/31.

Super Bowl = 131; Championship = 131; Fifty-Seven = 131 (Pats 57th season)
131, the 32nd prime; NFL = 32; America = 32

Notice the post time of 9:29.  There are 929 chapters in the Old Testament, and 39-Books.  Super Bowl LI, or Super Bowl 51, is heavy on the '39' symbolism.  9/29, or September 29, is also the day that leaves 93-days left in the year.  United States of America = 929 (Jewish Gematria)

The man who won the game, Vic Beasley, has name gematria matching his Atlanta Falcons and head coach.

The man who lost, for the Patriots, has name gematria matching the Patriots 57th season.

As for the point about Matt Schaub having as many TDs as Brady....

Matt Schaub = 27/36/108
*Schaub used to be the starting QB for the Texans who are hosting Super Bowl 51, now he is the backup to Matt Ryan for the Falcons

The final score also pops out.  Atlanta won with 41.

New England lost with 11, the master number.  Of course, football is a game of 11 on 11.

The total sum of the game is 52-points, and the Super Bowl will be on 5/2.  If the Patriots win, Belichick and Brady will be 5-2 in Super Bowls together.

Nice tweet time!  Saturn = 511 (Patriots have gotten many Saturn rituals this year)

The name of the woman has the same initials as Bill Belichick, and similar name gematria.  Keep in mind this is the 97th season of the NFL.

If the Patriots lost, they would be 4-3 in Super Bowls, something like '43'.  Champion = 43

191 is the 43rd prime number
Society of Jesus = 191 (Arthur Blank has the same birthday as the Society of Jesus)

Justin Felder = 53/62/143

I like his tweet time as well, 5:20, going nicely with the score summing to '52'.