Friday, February 19, 2016

55 | ESPN asks, 'Cubs and Astros' World Series?

Like I've been saying, the 112th World Series might very well be Cubs and Astros.  Now ESPN drops a clue.

Also, notice the date numerology of this article, which was written February 17, 2016.

2/17/2016 = 2+17+20+16 = 55
Chicago Cubs = 3+8+9+3+1+7+6+3+3+2+1 = 46/55


  1. Zach matt ryan and the falcons will be in Houston. Matt ryan=112. Atlanta=15. Houston=31 matt ryan=31. Houston=672. matt ryan=672. Arthur blank=1012. The elite want red vs blue because what is Houston's jersey colors. deep steel blue and battle red. Look at the sb 51 date. feb. 5 2017. 25. falcons=25. If you add up that date it equals 24. devonta freeman jersey number. Espn even gave clues. Archie manning said matt ryan is a superbowl qb. Devonta freeman said he wants to make sb 51 his valentine. Im 80% sure it will be falcons in sb 51. They're record last season was 8-8 rise up=88. Im saying it might be Atlanta because Atlanta was never that city that won it big time except for the 1995 world series and they need Atlanta in the sb for symbology. Red vs blue. I forgot what that means can somebody help me out. Anyways, Atlanta has the numbers but I can't find any Houston connections.

    1. Oh yeah I forgot. Red is the elite and blue is us.

    2. Great work Darius, I am going to keep this in mind. Very possible.

    3. Matt ryan and and Andrew lucks jersey numbers make a nice 122. With the sb being on a date with 44 numerology it synchs up nice for Atlanta.

    4. It synchs up with Georgia and Wisconsin nicely.
      Wisconsin = 44
      Georgia = 44

    5. Lets not forget matt ryan got selected in the first rd with the 3rd pick in '08.