Friday, March 18, 2016

16 33 44 47 74 77 85 88 | Holy Cross vs Oregon upset in Men's Division I College Basketball Tournament 2016?

Holy Cross, could they become the first team to upset a #1 seed as a #16 in the history of the Men's Division I College Basketball Tournament?

Yesterday we witnessed teams with '44' gematria upsetting higher seeds.

Holy = 8+6+3+7 = 24
Cross = 3+9+6+1+1 = 20/38
Holy Cross = 44/62

Notice the '44'.

Holy = 8+15+12+25 = 60
Cross = 3+18+15+19+19 = 74
Holy Cross = 134

Also notice the gematria of '74'.  Oregon is the only state, out of the '50' states to have gematria of '74.  It also happens to be the 33rd State.  What do you think of when I say 'Cross' and '33'?

Oregon = 15+8+15+7+15+14 = 74 (OR is 33rd state, OR = 15+18 = 33)
Cross = 3+18+15+19+19 = 74
Jesus = 10+5+19+21+19 = 74

Oregon the small way has gematria 'of '38' just like 'Cross'.

Oregon = 6+9+5+7+6+5 = 38

Earlier this year, Oregon lost in the Alamo Bowl to Texas Christian University, by the numbers.  That rigged football game coincided with the Oregon Standoff Hoax at the Wild Life Federal Building.

Anyhow, TCU wore the color purple, just as Holy Cross does.  The final score of the game was '47-41' in favor of TCU, with a sum of 88 points.

Purple = 16+21+18+16+12+5 = 88 (Poison, Program) (Purple won)
Christian = 3+8+9+9+1+2+9+1+5 = 47/56 (47 points for Texas Christian University)

It should be noted, that the Alamo Bowl was lost by Oregon on January 2, a span of 77-days up until the present, March 18.  This connects with how the  Oregon Ducks won the basketball tournament in 1939, 77-years ago.  77 has to do with 'Christ'.  Christ = 3+8+18+9+19+20 = 77

Also, last night the San Antonio Spurs, which reminds of the 'Alamo', hosted the Portland Trailblazers, from the 33rd State Oregon, with a home record on the season of 33-0 for the Spurs.

Further, keep in mind it is the year of 2016, emphasis on '16.  Again, no #16 has ever beaten a #1.  Oregon was a surprise #1 this year to most... just saying.

Sixteen = 1+9+6+2+5+5+5 = 33/42
Sixteen = 19+9+24+20+5+5+14 = 96 (Freemason = 42/51/96)

Notice the '33', and the Freemason connections to 'Sixteen'.

Oregon = 15+18+5+7+15+14 = 74
Masonic = 13+1+19+15+14+9+3 = 74

Read about TCU vs Oregon Alamo Bowl and standoff below:

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Also read about the Blazers at Spurs, last night, March 17, 2016, the opening night of 'March Madness':

The location of the game is also of interest, Spokane, Washington, the home of the Gonzaga Catholic Bulldogs.

Spokane = 1+7+6+2+1+5+5 = 27/36
Washington = 5+1+1+8+9+5+7+2+6+5 = 49/58
Spokane, Washington = 76/85/94 (Basketball = 85)


  1. Oregon in the prototype '33' team. They are constantly built up to win, wear their fancy uniforms, and take the dive for the cause (ie: ZioMasonic organized crime).

    As you have exposed beyond doubt, in football and now basketball, Oregon is primed for a fall by the numbers.

    In the year of the 16 (sixteen = 33), The #16 (33) seed of Holy "Cross" (74) beating the 33rd state "Oregon" (74) is not out of the question at all.

    Thanks Zach!

  2. Oregon losing in an upset to Texas 'Christian' in football then upset by 'Holy Cross' in basketball. Might be too attractive a storyline for our tribal friends in Vegas.

    The numbers are all there. That we know.

    1. Yea, I want to be in Vegas right now. Monster payout for $100 bet.

  3. Michigan state is about to lose as I'm writing this ... Things I noticed: the first timeout called in the game state was losing by 13. Before the game the match was dubbed "David vs Goliath"

    1. MTSU Blue Raiders---916(J), 1122

      Should have seen it coming.

  4. Connecting it to the Alamo Bowl, 76 days ago (Spokane Washington =76) or 2 months 16 days / 10 weeks 6 days. The 666 Prophecy. TCU =44. TCU(2+3+3) like the Fibonacci number after 144 and Oregon is currently 14-4 in the conference, just like MSU was before getting upset today. Plus the Gonzaga connect after they just won.

    And as the cherry on top, I got Holy Cross @ +1600 for their 16th win.

    1. I saw that Holy Cross is +4000 on 5dimes moneyline

  5. Great work Zach. And wow, Holy Cross' only championship came in '47, against Oklahoma, who scored 47 in the loss. Oregon's only championship came in '39, against Ohio State, who scored 33 in the loss. Those two championship games were 417 weeks and 1 day apart.

    Oregon finished this season on 1331 losses all time, AND this will be their 1344th loss, including tournament games. Holy Cross had a winning % this year of .441, and is sitting on 1369 all time wins, making this an awful lot like #137, the 33rd prime, though not quite since the regular season is over.

    Insane stuff. But of course the major online sportsbooks aren't even offering the game on the moneyline as of yet...