Saturday, March 19, 2016

33 44 79 144 | Warriors lose with 79 at San Antonio, on March 19, the 79th day of the year

Notice 2:17 is 137 seconds, and 137 is the 33rd Prime.  The Warriors just lost their 33rd straight game in San Antonio.

How about that, the Warriors lose for the 33rd straight time in San Antonio, giving the Spurs 44-straight wins at home dating back to March of 2015.  And as I said in the preview video, this game comes on the 79th day of the year.  Let us not forget the Warriors are in their 44th year of being in Golden State.

Champion = 3+8+1+13+16+9+15+14 = 79

One other point, the NBA season began October 27, and March 19 marked the 144th day of the season.  We know how 44 and 144 go together.  To think, the Warriors, in their 44th year of existence, became the 44th win in a row at home for San Antonio, on the 144th day of the 2015-16 season.