Tuesday, March 8, 2016

37 50 122 | Train Car derails near San Francisco, March 7, 2016

Comical!  Where to begin?  How about with the 1:06 timestamp.  Let us mot forget the Philadelphia Train Wreck hoax of May 12, 2015, where the train was said to be traveling 106 MPH through a 50 MPH curve, even though this is completely impossible, as the train cannot reach this speed...

Recall, that train wreck was a tribute to Pope Francis's September 23 visit with the President.  It happened at 9:23 PM local.

Train Wreck = 20+18+1+9+14+23+18+5+3+11 = 122
Pope Francis = 16+15+16+5+6+18+1+14+3+9+19 = 122
San Francisco = 19+1+14+6+18+1+14+3+9+19+3+15 = 122

'Alameda' County is quite fitting for the date of the wreck, March 7, or 3/7.

Alameda = 1+12+1+13+5+4+1 = 37
March 7, or 3/7

Niles Canyon has gematria coinciding with San Francisco.

Niles = 5+9+3+5+1 = 23/32
Canyon = 3+1+5+7+6+5 = 27
Niles Canyon = 50/59

San = 1+1+5 = 7/16
Francisco = 6+9+1+5+3+9+1+3+6 = 43/52
San Francisco = 50/59/68

The gematria of '50' corresponds with America, and I have been thinking for some time now, these 'train derail' stories appear to be a metaphor for "America coming off the tracks".

America = 1+13+5+18+9+3+1 = 50


It has been 300-days, or 301-days if you count the end date, since the May 12, 2015 crash.


  1. "hillary clinton" in the English Reduction system equals 73 the reflection of 37.

    I think she wins the election.

    1. Yea, it has been in the bag since 2008, and really probably much longer than that.

    2. There is a pretty dumb Eddie Murphey movie called Pluto Nash that took place in the future and had Hilary Clintons face on the money so it's been seeded for her to win at some point anyway.
      I need to watch that one again. It had a lot to do with cloning as well

  2. Just for fun

    Obama's train wreck----1038

    Obama dies on train---160, 960

  3. Yes.. Lot's of trains derailing lately, also a lot of crane 'accidents' and a lot of eagles dying. Are they trying to programme us for the death of america? Of course they are, it's all part of their plan. The U.S people need to get out on the streets and demand that all troops are returned home safely before it's too late!

  4. Steph Curry just made his 300th 3 pointer of the season yesterday for Golden State.

  5. Steph Curry just made his 300th 3 pointer of the season yesterday for Golden State.