Saturday, April 9, 2016

113 | Mohamed Abrini is the 'Man in the Hat', Paris and Brussels terror hoax reporting, April 9, 2016

What a joke.

Man = 13+1+14 = 28
In = 9+14 = 23
the = 20+8+5 = 33
Hat = 8+1+20 = 29
Man in the Hat = 113

The link below shows the original picture of the blurry "wanted man" that was put out by the media.

Notice how the image has changed in today's update.

7:47 post time...


  1. All Mainstream Media outlets are Dishonest

  2. Good job. Busted. The Lies keep on coming.

  3. Its the live version of The Man with One Red Shoe.

    1. From the release of The Man with One Red Shoe to 3-22-16 is exactly 30 years, 8 months, 3 days. Or 1600 weeks and 4 days. Or 11, 204 days, which is my birthday 11-24.

      The only reason I bring this up is because the movie has a similar plot. It starts at an airport where all these clandestine groups are looking for a certain spy that they are told they will be able to identify. Tom Hanks plays this everyman who shows up to the airport in one red shoe. Being an odd thing to wear, all the groups assume he is the spy and start following him. Comedy ensues.

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  5. In your earlier video work you mentioned he looked like Jamiroquai, which I thought was funny because that's immediately what I thought of (side note he's one of my favorite artists, and technically he is just the frontman of the band Jamiroquai, his name is Jason Kay, but that's neither here nor there). Anyway I summed Jamiroquai just for fun... 114. So close, lol.