Saturday, April 9, 2016

The rules of being a "flat earther" & the earth's tilt of 66.6 degrees

Below are the "logic flaws" of the flat earth community and other related information.

1.  "Flat Earthers" will argue that there is no proof the earth is a sphere and the images provided of the spherical earth from NASA are frauds, meant to dupe the masses into believing the earth is a ball when it is truly a flat plane.  In other words, because there is no "real" photographic evidence of the spherical earth, the earth cannot be a sphere, thus it must be flat is the argument of many people who have become a part of the ever-growing "flat earth community".

At the same time, the "flat earthers" will acknowledge there is no photographic evidence of the edge of the earth, but this lack of photographic evidence showing the edge of the flat earth has no barring on their opinion of the shape of the earth.  This is a major logical fallacy.  They are willing to use "lack of photographic evidence" to dismiss the scientific consensus for the shape of the earth, a sphere, and at the same time they are willing to claim the earth is flat, with edges, with no photographic evidence supporting this position.  This is the power of belief.

Imagine it.  In 2016, in the age of flight, and after hundreds of years of people sailing the seas, no one has ever documented the edge of the earth.  The "flat earther" will retort, "That is because there is a no fly zone over Antarctica", which apparently means there is a no fly zone around the entire circumference of the earth, and somehow, someway, this conspiracy, encircling the earth, has been kept quiet for thousands of years.

And just because NASA uses computer generated images of the earth from space, is not proof that the earth is not a sphere.  If science understands the earth is a sphere, but cannot prove it through photographic evidence due to technological limitations, computerized images do not prove the shape of the earth one way or the other.

2.  "Flat earthers" say the mathematics of the rotation of the universe are "nonsense" and "witchcraft", while at the same time providing absolutely no mathematics for the way in which the earth, sun, moon and stars operate under their model, the flat earth model.  Most flat earth arguments are centered around dismissing scientific consensus, and using that dismissal as proof of their belief in the shape of the earth.

Let us examine the mathematics the flat earth community dismisses.

It is stated that the earth is titled 23.4 degrees off of a 90 degree angle, straight up and down, thus it is resting at a 66.6 degree angle.  Because the number 66.6 is similar to 666, in many "flat earthers" minds this is an immediate red flag, and proof that the scientific consensus is in truth an occult manipulation of the facts.  After all, most flat earthers have Christian backgrounds, and in Christianity, '666' is a mysterious number, one associated with 'the beast'.

Let me acknowledge, that the angle is intriguing to me as well, and makes me wonder if this scientific assertion is "true".

With regards to 23.4, it is a lot like '234', a number connected to '666'.

234+432 = 666 (Notice the reflection of 234, summed, totals 666)

That said, we cannot dismiss this information simply based on our knowledge of numbers.  Perhaps this is the true angle of the axis of the earth, and perhaps this is where the original significance of '666' comes from.

Think about this.  Many people say that 'Jesus Christ' is the spiritual retelling of other Sun God's of the past.

Jesus = 10+5+19+21+19 = 74
Christ = 3+8+18+9+19+20 = 77
Jesus Christ = 151

151 is the 36th prime number.  When you sum 1-36, it totals 666.

For a moment, think about Jesus Christ, this 666 connection, and Jesus being a metaphor for the sun.  This angle of the earth's tilt, is in regards to how it is aligned with the sun and how it rotates around the sun, what is known to be the center of our universe, at least in scientific consensus.

Whether we think the earth is flat or a sphere, we understand the earth and move in a circular path in relation to one another.  Let us again recall how '666' connects to cycles and circles.

The number Pi, 3.14159265359, having to do with cycles and circles and geometric calculations.  Recall that if you add the first 144 decimal points of Pi, it totals 666, beginning with 1+4+1+5+9...

The number '666' is commonly referred to as the Mark of the Beast.

Again, if you sum the first 144 decimal points of Pi, it totals 666.

Six = 52; Prophecy = 52

The number 144 also has a lot to do with 'time'.

If you're not aware, 144 is a Fibonacci Number, the 'numbers of God' as they're sometimes referred to.  The Fibonacci Sequence are the numbers that form the mathematical ratio for many things found in nature, from sea shells, to leaves, to our palm prints to the shape of the galaxy.


144 is the 12th Fibonacci number, which is interesting because the square root of 144 is 12.  Think about how in regards to time, there are 12 hours in the morning, and 12 hours in the evening.  Think about how on a clock, the sixty minute hours are broken up into 12 sections of 5 minutes.  Further, think about how there are 12 months in a year... and in the nonsensical western measuring system that we have, 12 inches in a foot.

Now think about this, the words 'time' and 'beast' share matching gematria.  That is, they share the number 47, a very special number, that connects back to Jesus, Christian and more.

So I ask, do these concepts and ideas, from Jesus to the Mark of the Beast, all come back to the mathematics of the universe?

Think about how the Christian rituals are all intertwined with the sun and solstices throughout the seasons, emphasis on four seasons.

The fourth book of the Bible is titled 'Numbers'.  '4' is the number of foundation in numerology.

With regards to Jesus on the Cross, the symbol representing that is known as the 'Crucifix', which ties in to the supposed distance the sun is from the earth.  The scientific consensus is that the sun is 93 million miles from earth on average.

Ancient cultures believed that 'Saturn' was the ruler of the universe.  In modern times we equate the sun as the most important entity within.  It is interesting to note that Saturn also shares the gematria of '93'.  No other planet or celestial object does.

 3.  The third and most troubling rule of the flat earth community, is to deny scientific fact.  All of these proven realities of the world we live in, and which support the sphere earth model, are thrown out the window within the flat earth theory:
  • Coriolis Effect
  • Different Constellations in different hemispheres
  • The moon cycles
  • Eclipses
  • Planets
  • Sunrise
  • Sunset
  • The movement of the oceans and tide
  • Seasons
  • The reason you can't see Japan from the west coast of the U.S. with a telescope...


  1. 1982 = the year when a card game promoting the flat earth myth was released

    2015 = the year Eric Dubay began to promote the flat earth myth.

    1982 was 33 years before 2015.

    Eric Dubay sums to 88 (in Simple Gematria), just like Poison and Program.

    Eric Dubay in Simple Gematria: 5 + 18 + 9 + 3 + 0 + 4 + 21 + 2 + 1 + 25 = 88

    Poison in Simple Gematria: 16 + 15 + 9 + 19 + 15 + 14 = 88

    Program in Simple Gematria: 16 + 18 + 15 + 7 + 18 + 1 + 13 = 88

    1. Yes, this is what I talked about in the video I did on flat earth. The flat earth symbol is also divided into 33-pieces.
      Eric Dubay = 88; Poison = 88; Program = 88

    2. Eric Dubay also promotes the "Hitler was a good guy" myth, a myth made by the Jews and Masons to prevent people from realizing that Hitler was a Rockefeller/Rothschild family member.

    3. 2015? Lol he started promoting it in 2008 Can you at least get your info right?

    4. His work wasn't know until about this time, 2015. This is when the 'flat earth' came on hard.

    5. Dubay is quite possibly a disinformation agent. His take on Hitler is suspicious.

      I suspect that most of the "main" flat earth proponents are actually agents involved in the psy-op.

      The "psy-op" being that they have spent the last 500 years conditioning people to believe the earth is a ball, and now they are purposely releasing the information that they were in the first place concealing.

      Now that the majority of people are thoroughly indoctrinated in the belief that the earth is a ball, it's a great time to release (true) information that is to the contrary.

      Cognitive dissonance is what they are preying on with this psy-op. They know that lots of people just won't be able to grasp the concept of a flat earth because it goes against everything (they think) they know about the ball earth reality.

      It's a big pill for some brains to swallow, so some will just spit it out and say, FUCK YOU!!! So people will fight and disagree. This is what "they" want. Divide and conquer is their goal.

      Do your own research. Condemnation without investigation is the epitome of ignorance.

      Earth is flat. Water is flat. Gravity is a bogus theory. Space is fake. NASA are lying freemasons.

      See also:

  2. Excellent post. I don't think anyone really has a solid idea of what the fuck this crazy train called reality is actually all about and trying to figure that out is like putting together a puzzle with no picture and four missing pieces.

    1. Yes, that's why claiming to know it all on the subject is religion, which is what the flat earth movement is.

    2. Religion is nothing more than a Masonic Jew made tool to divide the masses further.

    3. Basically nothing is real.
      Everything is a cycle including our world so eventually when it ends it will start over again and we will be born as the same person without knowing to complete another.

      Just my thoughts.

  3. I went through a period of thoroughly investigating the Flat Earth theory last year. I have got to the point where neither model is satisfactory to me. The Flat Earth model has problems (south celetial pole, sunsets), but so does the official model, the one I actually studied at University for multiple years. And frankly given that they lie to us about every other aspect of our lives, the idea that the official scientific description of Earth and the cosmos is the correct one is pretty laughable to me.

    And if the official cosmic model was correct, why is everything they do in 'space' Hollywood fakery? Including things like satellites?

    So yeah, I reject both models. I am thinking that what the Earth is and how it all works may be beyond human comprehension.

    I will say that 90% of the FE community at the current time is just personalities and drama, not anything of value.

    And with regards to the Coriolis Effect, I believe that is a load of BS. They tell us the spin of the Earth affects air currents, and it affects sniper bullets and artillery shots, yet it has absolutely no effect whatsoever on planes or hot air balloons. If it did affect air vehicles we would be able to abuse it to reach destinations much faster. Instead planes behave exactly as if the earth was stationary.

    I would also say that eclipses and the fact that the Sun and the Moon are the exactly size in the sky is bit too hard to just take as a coincidence. In the official story it's just random chance.

    1. Check out this video of the Freemasons Mocking the masses on CNN. well as the Fish Eye lens being used. Dog Backwards is God they both have the same numerology. More programming just like the George Bush NWO Speech in 1991 Aired on Television what did they show at the end of something as serious as the NWO? A GLOBE SPINNING. If you defend the Globe you are defending Freemasons and if you can't come to terms with FE than Stay neutral.

    2. Lenny, the Coriolis Effect is real. The flat earth videos trying to disprove this reality of the world we live on is misleading a lot of people. The flat earth pushers are pushers of bullshit mostly, that is confusing a lot of people about the truth of the world.

    3. Flat earthers also fail to mention that the Coriolis effect has a vertical component, called the Eotvos effect. Look into that.

    4. "Flat Earth - Coriolis Effect":

      See also:

      "Flat Earth: How Snipers adjust for the Coriolis Effect"

  4. I couldn't believe the Flat Earth theorists were real until I kept seeing them over & over. Well done on the article, Zach. Hopefully, this false fad fades as quickly as possible.

  5. I couldn't believe the Flat Earth theorists were real until I kept seeing them over & over. Well done on the article, Zach. Hopefully, this false fad fades as quickly as possible.

  6. So, where could the edge of the Earth be?

    As a veteran from the 90s, I was deployed overseas twice. First to Saudi Arabia then to South Korea. To get to S.A., we flew from JFK in NY to S.A. with a couple of layovers in Europe. To get to S.K., we flew from San Francisco to Seoul nonstop. So, unless there's a real conspiracy to fly us over land masses when we can't see it and make us think we're flying over large bodies of water, I don't see how the Earth is flat or where the edges could be.

  7. I feel like flat earthers take the Hollywood concepts of science as a way to discredit things to their way of thinking. For instance, with the Coriolis effect, it mainly impacts high and low pressure global weather systems, but not so much impact on things like planes, bullets, skydivers, or water running down your sink. I remember when I was a kid I was watching an episode of the X-Files (God knows they're a minefield of propaganda) where they were investigating some demon, and one of the "facts" they used to justify the presence of this outside entity was that the water spun down the drain in the wrong direction due to the Coriolis Effect. This was either purposeful propaganda, or screenwriter ignorance. While any one point on the Earth is moving at a very high rate of speed, the general angular velocity of the entire Earth is relatively slow. So slow that it takes about an hour's time to effect an object's path 100 m due to the Coriolis Effect; water drains down a sink in about 2-3 seconds, thus not having anywhere near that amount of time to be "respun" the correct way due to what hemisphere it is located. If you fly all the way around the Earth and it takes 24 hours, depending on the direction you're flying, you've maybe been displaced about 40km versus if there was no Coriolis Effect. There are also other factors such as wind, the object's velocity, human intervention (in the case of a pilot adjusting the course of a plane). So these people have taken canned Hollywood concepts of physics that blow the effect of everything way out of proportion to then say, "Look, the people who run everything, including Hollywood and the TV, are lying to us!" Take a fucking physics class! Also, if the Earth was flat and stationary, why the fuck is the ocean constantly moving and tides changing? Can't do that without the moon. Ok, I'm done.


    I'LL WAIT.

  9. Flat Earth - A Litmus Test - a film by Marty Leeds

    1. I've seen this video by Marty Leeds, it is pathetic. His arguments show that he thinks the people who follow his channel are morons.

    2. Thank you for your review of the video.

      Now can you please tell us when it is that sea level stops being level?

      We're waiting.

    3. Land surveyors are told that they can treat an area up to 500 km across as if it were a flat plane, but beyond that it becomes absolutely necessary to factor in curvature…so I assume you could more or less apply that same distance to water. At any rate, it would have to be incredibly difficult to detect from the earth's surface, as all of my research shows that curvature isn't really visible from a space balloon until you reach an altitude of well over 100,000 feet…and still remains very subtle until perhaps over 300,000. But here's a tie-breaker that nobody ever looks at: Go find some youtube videos of sunsets from space balloon footage, and in a few of them you'll see that the earth's curvature blocks the sun's rays at lower altitudes, while allowing them to pass overhead at higher altitudes. There's no logical explanation for that on a flat plain, and irrefutably demonstrates that the sun is in fact setting below the horizon.

    4. Thank you, Mr. Remixomitosis. Now please kindly furnish us with sources for your claim that "Land surveyors are told that they can treat an area up to 500 km across as if it were a flat plane, but beyond that it becomes absolutely necessary to factor in curvature".

      The spherical trigonometry for a ball (your whirled / world) that's 25,000 miles in circumference calculates the curvature of said sphere to be 8 inches per mile, times the mileage squared, so:

      500 kilometers = 310.686 miles

      8 inches x (310.686 miles x 310.686 miles) = 772206.324768 inches (or 64350.527064 feet, or 12.1875998227273 miles)

      So that's 12.1875998227273 MILES of (supposed earth) curvature over a distance of 500 kilometers.

      Uh, yeah ok. So is 12 miles of curve like the magic number or something for the surveyors to be required to make adjustments with reference to the area (in excess of 500 kms) that they're surveying? Less than 12 no, more than 12 yes?

      Sigh. Earth is flat, dude. There is no curvature.

      Watch "Surveyors, Engineers, Pilots and Sailors Expose the Flat Earth":

      See also:


      PS; maybe Mr. Remixomitosis can tell us where it is that sea level stops being SEA LEVEL and magically changes into SEA CURVE.

      Thanks. We'll wait.

  10. Nobody knows anything about any model unless they have been to "space" and can see for themselves. Science is made up jumble to confuse everyone and Hollywood IS part of the Freemason circus so it is possible for them to fake ANYTHING. This is a pointless argument because we only know what we are told and unless we see either for ourselves it is a endless argument.

  11. If, as we are taught in school, that earth is a ball that is 25,000 miles in circumference at the equator, then 8 inches per mile, times the mile squared is how the curvature is measured.


    1 mile = 8 x 1 = 8 inches of curvature
    2 miles = 8 x 4 (2x2) = 32
    3 miles = 8 x 9 (3x3) = 72
    4 miles = 8 x 16 (4x4) = 128
    5 miles = 8 x 25 (5x5) = 200

    10 miles = 8 x 100 (10x10) = 800
    20 miles = 8 x 400 (20x20) = 3200
    30 miles = 8 x 900 (30x30) = 7200
    40 miles = 8 x 1600 (40x40) = 12800
    50 miles = 8 x 2500 (50x50) = 20000
    60 miles = 8 x 3600 (60x60) = 28800

    At 60 miles, the earth's curvature is supposed to be 28,800 inches, or 2400 feet.

    The Statue of Isis (oops, I mean Liberty) in Jew York City is 305 feet tall, and yet it can be seen from sea at a distance of 60 miles.

    The top of the Statue of Liberty should be over 2000 feet below the supposed curvature, but it can still be seen from 60 miles away.

    How is that even possible?

    Because there IS NO CURVATURE, that's how.

    So yes Zach, please do tell us how and when sea level stops being level.

    We'll wait.

  12. Still waiting, Zach. Take your time. Think hard.

  13. Pilots assume a spherical earth when calculating distance between cities. If the earth were flat, their calculations would be far different. If flat earthers are correct, it is a wonder airplanes don't continually run out of fuel.

    1. Wrong. Nobody "assumes a spherical earth" when calculating plane and train navigation, engineering, or surveying.

      Watch "Surveyors, Engineers, Pilots and Sailors Expose the Flat Earth" to help you understand:

      And have a nice day!

  14. heheheheheeeeeeeeee....This is the best one by far! "The reason you can't see Japan from the west coast of the U.S. with a telescope..."

    But dammmmmn, worshiping "cheesus chrust" is literally worshipping the Sun/Son...Wow...really glad I could NEVER committ to that bullshat when I was playin church...

  15. heheheheheeeeeeeeee....This is the best one by far! "The reason you can't see Japan from the west coast of the U.S. with a telescope..."

    But dammmmmn, worshiping "cheesus chrust" is literally worshipping the Sun/Son...Wow...really glad I could NEVER committ to that bullshat when I was playin church...

  16. The daylight hours down south is a problem. The tilt helps that argument out sadly..... Regardless of it being 24 hours or not, the fact that the days are longer is our problem....:-(