Thursday, April 14, 2016

NBA Scores, April 13, 2016, the last day of the regular season (The "33" League)

As I often say, the NBA is a '33' league.  In this regard, it is fitting the season ended on a date with '33' numerology.  One of the bigger headlines of the night was 'Kobe's' last game.

4/13/16 = 4+13+16 = 33
Kobe = 11+15+2+5 = 33

Boston and Miami was ESPN's early televised game.  I had to laugh at the end of the first quarter, Miami was leading 33-13, then at the buzzer, the heat hit a short jumper to make the score 35-13.  Notice the fourth quarter closed out with the Celtics winning by 10 points, and scoring 35 points in the fourth.

Celtics = 3+5+3+2+9+3+1 = 26/35

Both teams finished the regular season with 48-wins, like the sum of points in the first quarter.  The scripting is painful.

Next noteworthy game.

I had a feeling the Cavs would finish the season with 57-wins.  Recall, Villanova's 57th tournament win was recently for the college championship.

It also happened to be Cleveland's and Detroit's 223rd game all time, quite masonic.

In light of the '223', I couldn't help but think of Flip Saunders, who died just before this NBA season began, and who once coached the Detroit Pistons.  Flip is also originally from Ohio, Cleveland's home state.

Next notable game.

Notice the Bulls finished their season against the Philadelphia 76ers, who had a season worst 10 wins and 72 losses, the exact opposite of the '95-'96 Bulls who finished with 72-wins and 10-losses.  This year the Warriors, originally from Philly, overtook the Bulls record, with a 73-9 season.

Notice the Spurs finished the season with 67-wins.  It should be noted that the Spurs joined the ABA in 1967, and the NBA in 1976.  Greg Popovich has been coaching the Spurs since '96.

Freemason = 6+18+5+5+13+1+19+15+14 = 96
Freemason = 6+9+5+5+4+1+1+6+5 = 42 (Mavericks wins)

Should anyone die in connection to these teams in the coming weeks, remember the score summing to 187 points, 96-91.

Flip Saunders was going to coach the T-Wolves this season until he died two days before the season began.  The T-Wolves season opened with a tribute to Flip, and now closed with one.  Also notice that the Pelicans went down with 109 points, the 29th prime.... while the T-Wolves earned their 29th win of the season.

Pelican = 7+5+3+9+3+1+5 = 33
Bird = 2+9+18+4 = 33
4/13/16 = 4+13=16 = 33

The Warriors broke the '95-'96 Bulls record of 72 wins.  Recall, Steph Curry's father, Dell Curry, played for the Charlotte Hornets, who were the 73rd opponent for the Bulls that record breaking season.  Talk about planning things out...

Notice the Grizzlies went down with 104-points, April 13, 2016 was the 104th day of the year.

10-4, message received.

The '125' points by the Warriors fits the picture as well.

In breaking the Chicago Bulls record, Steph Curry scored '46' points.  Of course.

Chicago = 3+8+9+3+1+7+15 = 46

There's also something else about scoring 125-points...

This was the 78th game all-time between the two franchises.

NBA Finals = 14+2+1+6+9+14+1+12+19 = 78

Another game that stands out in regards to the Warriors...

Notice the Milwaukee Bucks, who cut the Warriors streak of 28-wins, five games short of 33-wins, finished with 33-wins themselves.  The Bucks also broke the 33-game win streak of the Los Angeles Lakers from 44-years earlier.

Next up, the 'game of the night', Kobe's farewell.

There is a very specific reason this was Kobe Bryant's farewell game.

Kobe = 2+6+2+5 = 15/24
Bryant = 2+9+7+1+5+2 = 26 (Twenty = 26) (Kobe's last game of 20-year career)
Kobe Bryant = 41/50

Kobe = 11+15+2+5 = 33
Bryant = 2+18+25+1+14+20 = 80
Kobe Bryant = 113

Utah = 3+2+1+8 = 14
Jazz = 1+1+8+8 = 18
Utah Jazz = 32

Utah = 21+20+1+8 = 50 (Kobe Bryant) (50 attempts from Kobe on the game)
Jazz = 10+1+26+26 = 63
Utah Jazz = 113 (Kobe Bryant)

With regards to the '50' on the game, keep in mind that Kobe has worn #24 for the second half of his 20-year career, and he entered the game with 24 50-point games.

Twenty-Four = 2+5+5+5+2+7+6+6+3+9 = 50

Kobe finished with 60 points, for the 6th time in his career.

Lakers = 12+1+11+5+18+19 = 66
Lakers upset Warriors on 66th day of the year
That upset date was also Shaq's 44th birthday...

During the game, Kobe Bryant became only the second player in NBA history to score 40 or more points against every team in the league, Utah was the last team he needed for the record...

At 4.1 seconds, with 60-points, they pulled Kobe out of the game.

Kobe Bryant = 41

The Nuggets finished their season with a loss, ending at 33-wins, against the 33rd State, Oregon, on a date with '33' numerology.

Portland also earned their 93rd win over the Nuggets franchise.

Nuggets = 14+21+7+7+5+20+19 = 93

The rest of the scores from April 13, 2016 can be viewed here: