Wednesday, September 7, 2016

26 50 85 | Jrue Holiday's wife's brain tumor (Lauren Holiday), September 5, 2016 news

The date of this news has numerology corresponding with 'brain tumor'.

9/5/2016 = 9+5+20+16 = 50

Keep in mind America = 50 and is a nation of '50' States.  His wife, is also a gold medal winner with the U.S. Women's soccer team.

The news of her brain tumor came a span of 26-days before her upcoming birthday.  This number connects to the name 'Lauren', the word 'brain' and her husband's age.

Notie the pain began in 'June'... fitting.

Jrue is born on June 12, and this announcement came 85-days after his 26th birthday.  Fitting for a pro basketball player.

The use of the word 'devastating' is no coincidence either.

Devastating = 4+5+4+1+1+2+1+2+9+5+7 = 41/50


  1. Jrue has that mk ultra/thought free look all the time.

  2. Z, you gotta dive deeper into this Indian protest over the Dakota Pipeline thing. The whole thing smells like yesterday's diapers to me.

    Water is Life=127
    North Dakota=127
    Defend the Sacred=121=12+21=33
    No DAPL=62, 175J=Dollar
    Dakota Access Pipeline=188
    Oil and Water=122

  3. Odd that they didn't specify what TYPE of "benign tumor" (glioma, etc.) she has.

    Maybe she's got one ... maybe not ... but ... Brain tumors are fairly common around here, & the people I've known who've had them (various kinds & varied ages) weren't diagnosed because of "painful headaches".

    Instead they were having episodes of dizziness & disorientation or the sudden onset of seizures. I suppose it depends upon where the tumor is located ... but that ultra-vague term "painful headaches" struck me as a little Too General.

    Call it sour grapes & just plain ornery distaste for the "news" -- but the feel-good spin put on her "condition" irks me. Here in the REAL world people of all ages are getting these buggers at an alarming rate ... & they NEVER have a "fairy tale ending".
    Even if they DO survive the medical intervention, there are usually residual health issues ... compounded by the Huge amount of DEBT they will be left to deal with -- "insurance" or not.

    Ehh -- probably I'm just being negative ... but then ... that's what these stories are SUPPOSED to do to us, right? ;D :D

  4. Don't know why, but this reminded me of that depressing '80's movie "Bright Lights, Big City" with Michael J. Fox. He was haunted by tabloid coverage of a "Coma Baby" -- who's mother was in a coma & they were struggling to keep her alive long enough for the baby to gestate to a survivable size.

    I know they said that Jrue's wife & baby "will be fine" ... but this is what embedded subliminals do to us -- they conjure up things we'd rather forget (like creepy imagery from bad movies! Lol). ;D :D

    1. Its not a tumor!!!-185, 1110, 850

      I couldn't help myself. There is another story out there about a woman with a tumor who had another woman carry her baby. It was obe of those facebook feelgooder tales. Good stuff on the Fox movie. What a bunch of shit he made. I like Teen Wolf though.

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    3. Ah so! Is this a theme or a meme then? I still don't comprehend the difference ... Lol.

      I liked "Doc Hollywood" too ... though it's certainly no "Funny Farm", lol! Have to say, those '80's movies are lookin better every day ... it's nice to just chill & have a laugh without death, gore & messaging at every turn.

      The original (1st) "National Lampoon's Family Vacation" with Chevy Chase was like watching a home video of the trips we took when I was a kid.
      Best memories of things that can Never Happen Today -- my father clutching a Hostess fruit pie in one hand, a martini in the other, steering around hairpin curves with his elbows ... then laughing as he slammed on the brakes when we arrived at the motel -- sending us (unbelted) sleeping kids crashing to the floorboard ("top bunk" was up against the back window!). Good times!! FREE Times!! Ah, nostalgia ... ;D :D

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