Friday, September 16, 2016

33 38 47 | DeAndre Hopkins fined for wearing "Yeezy Cleats", September 11, 2016 (Why there's athlete fine propaganda in the media)

The date was right for this.

9/15/2016 = 9+15+(2+0+1+6) = 33 (Kanye West = 33/42) (DeAndre = 33)

The purpose of propaganda such as this is for the following reasons:

-Reenforce the significance of money
-Sell merchandise, such as "Yeezy Cleats" (Does Clete Blakeman own a pair?)

Hopkins = 8+6+7+2+9+5+1/10 = 38/47 (Rapper = 38) (Nigga = 38)

The name DeAndre also connects back to Kanye West, who the cleats are credited to.

These stories just mostly fuck with the heads of the grown men who have to work 4 months of the year after taxes to make $6,000, which is more than a third of the men in this nation.  And yes if you're wondering, I'm in that boat as well.


  1. It is also a bit more of the big strong gay man angle, as pro sports are plunging deeper and deeper into. You gotta spread them out, then pound it home. Anyway, the point I was trying to make is that this story gets guys into thinking about their looks and accessories they can use to enhance it. Have you seen Odel Beckham clips or Antonio Brown shots? These fellas are ssssure lookin' sassssssy lately. Don't even get me started on Russsssssell Will-Sssson.

    It would crush a lot of manly men wheb they found out their heroes love the cock.

    1. Gay Pro Athletes Run Amuck.

      Gay Athletes =123, 737
      Gay Athlete=104(bent Over and Out)

      Homosexual Athletes=223, 1083(Football=83)

      Homosexual Athlete=993(Infinite Love, Sixty Nine), 204(Good Game=402)

      Man on Man Action=147

      LockerRoom Etiquette =247

  2. A little sync I found..

    Cleats=219 (jewish)

    219th day of the year is August 7th which leaves 146 remaining. Yeezy Cleats=146.


    Fined for Yeezy Cleats=97/223

    1. Yeezy cleats (with S exception)=56

      The date he wore the cleats 9+11+20+16=56

  3. This Freeman coding is everywhere. I play madden and the clock stops at certain times like 5:08 and 1:44 and even 3:22. 2k does that too.

    1. Gotta love the duality in the Falcons backfield, Freeman and Coleman. Notice the Free got shut down last week, Cole got loose but not for nothing.

  4. Weird thing I just noticed in Baylor at Rice game.

    At 13:44, the Ref stop's play steps out live and announces to crowd to "stop shooting lasers pointers onto the field'

    Rice Stadium, Houston TX, the same stadium which hosted Vikings / Dolphins Super Bowl. Maybe my overthinking, maybe not, let's see if it holds any parallels with this weekend's game between those two teams