Monday, September 5, 2016

33 39 48 58 | Jake Oldroyd's 33-yard game winner for BYU over Arizona, September 3, 2016 (Brigham Young tribute)

Notice, the game winner was a 33-yard field goal, in Glendale, Arizona, on the 33rd parallel north.

Last year BYU defeated Nebraska on a last second play to win the game 33-28 to start their season.

This game was played on a date with '49' numerology, corresponding with 'Revelation', the book of 'Prophecy'

9/5/2015 = 9+5+20+15 = 49

Joseph Smith built a Freemason Lodge in Illinois in 1842, 2-years before his murder, 33-years before the murder of Brigham Young.

For another Freemason "33"...

The chant for BYU is , 'GO COUGS, GO COUGS, GO COUGS' as it is for other colleges that share the name, such as Washington State University.

That should make the '33' tributes a little more clear.

Also, the mention of '10' years is no coincidence in larch of the September 3 season opening win.  September 3 can be written 3/9 or 9/3.

Look at the name of the new head coach who got his first win on this date.  Is this the start of something promising for at least the next 10 years?  If things are scripted right for BYU's future, perhaps.

His first name synchs with the date.

9/3/2016 = 9+3+20+16 = 48

Also, in the history of the Mormon Church, Brigham Young and Joseph Smith each died 33-years apart.  Of course BYU is named after Brigham Young.

Notice Smith died June 27.

6+27 = 33
Smith = 1/10+4+9+2+8 = 24/33

As for last night's game, there was even more "by the numbers".  Let us take a look at the kicker, Jake Oldroyd, who hit the game winning 33-yarder, while wearing the #39, in 'Arizona', on the date of September 3, 2016, a date that can be written 3/9 or 9/3.

Of course the name 'Cougars', also has gematria of '39'.

Cougars = 3+6+3+7+1+9+1/10 = 30/39

The only other state that sums to '39' is New York, where the Mormon religion was established.

Here's the shot of the winning kick over Arizona, September 3, 2016.

This might very well be the career highlight of Jake Oldroyd, September 3, 2016.

3/9/2016 = 3+9+20+16 = 48

Also, notice that BYU's uniforms are made by Nike, the company headquartered in Oregon, the 33rd State.

Nike's 'swoosh' symbol is supposed to be a ring of Saturn.

The date he joined the team was right for a Freemason tribute as well.  February 20 was the 51st day of 2016.  Conspiracy = 51

2/20/2016 = 2+20+20+16 = 58


  1. Diggin the BYU Colts colors...check out this story of the decapitated man in Houston reported at 5:01...The culprit must've been a viking to commit such a crime!

  2. I left a comment on your youtube video and it only shows up when I am logged into my account. Great video like always. Here is a guy that goes into Pierre-Jean DeSmet SJ (Jesuits) connections to the Mormons. This must be information that they want to keep hidden. =)

  3. Thank you for making the video on this game. I watched the game live and noticed all these numbers that you confirmed. Arizona scored their only two touchdowns in the 2nd half both by running back #28. The date numerology on Saturday was 28 (9+3+16=28). Also, Wildcats = 28. They put it right in our faces and once you know what numbers to look for, you see right through their lies and deceit. You have taught me so much. I try to explain to friends that I have known that are into sports and everyone of them thinks I'm crazy. Keep up the great work!
    For twenty years I've been trying to figure out how they rig these games. Thank again Zach.