Thursday, September 1, 2016

33 42 74 113 153 | State of emergency, hurricane reporting, September 1, 2016

Notice the headline and the emphasized 'Life-threatening' below.  Both conner back to '42'.

'153' is the number of miraculous catch of fish in the Bible.

The '153', again goes with '42'.

42 is an important number in the Bible.  The Gospel, which John is part of, begins with the '42' generations leading up to Jesus.  The first published Bibles were 42-Line Bibles.

Before moving on to the Jesus piece of this, there is one more important thing about '153' and 'fish'.

One last point on '153' notice the qualifying wind speed for a hurricane.

119-153 km/h?  Eye of the storm?

74 mph?

74 mph is 33 m/s

This is where the Jesus piece comes in.

'Weather' related words such as 'El Nino' and 'Monsoon' are named after Jesus Christ, who is known for miracles involving water; from fish, to wine, to walking.  Keep in mind, 'the sun' also walks on water.  Read more about that here:

There's even more '74'.

Oregon is the 33rd State, the only with a gematria of '74'.

We know who likes '33'.

Let us not forget the hurricane scale is called the 'Saffir-Simpson' scale.

The '33' and '74' pairing is deep.  Think about Jesus on the Cross at '33'.  Think about the qualifying wind speeds for a hurricane, something destructive.  Even the 33rd element on the period table has an atomic weight of '74'; arsenic is often used to kill without a trace.

A = 1; S = 19 ; As = 119

Also, regarding the points about the parallels between Jesus and the sun, checkout the gematria on 'Fisherman', 'Crucifix' and 'Saturn'.  Keep in mind they say the sun is 93 million miles away.

And here are the updated headlines, 'Evacuations ordered'.

Today has 46 date numerology.  9/1/2016 = 9+1+20+16 = 46

'46' is the 'chaos' number.  We know who likes 'order through chaos'.

Evacuations ordered = 82/91 (Rainbow = 82) (Today is 9/1, or September 1)

The date can also be written 1/9, a lot like '19', also connecting to 'chaos'.


  1. I just watched the Space X rocket.. Watched it in slow motion on DVR... Pure comedy! Not an explosion but detonation.

    Zika in Miami beach and Zika in Singapore lmao (BBC news)

    1. Funnily enough, the first song I heard on the radio this morning when I started my car was "Welcome to Miami" by Will Smith.

  2. The surge is expected to reach "Eight Feet" "Eight Feet" ... 88 lmao

    Gov Rick Scott today on the storm.

    Zack thanks for sharing this knowledge !

  3. Fa'afafine are third-gender people of Samoa, American Samoa and the Samoan diaspora. A recognized gender identity/gender role since at least the early 20th century in Samoan society, and some theorize an integral part of traditional Samoan culture, fa'afafine are male at birth, and explicitly embody both masculine and feminine gender traits, fashioned in a way unique to this part of the world. Their behavior typically ranges from extravagantly feminine to mundanely masculine.[1]

  4. Storms have a duality to them that the Elite worship like bhaphomet.

  5. You post the same stuff over and over and over again. Jesus this, Jesus that, Zionist Jew here, Zionist Jew there.

    1. Been awhile since a Joseph Gastelum comment. What lodge do you hang out at bro?

    2. He's from the Brown Eye Lodge....."We Do We Do We Do"

  6. I'm relatively new to gematria AND confused; does this mean that the Elite are controlling this storm through H.A.A.R.P. or some shit or what; is it legit? I'm asking bc I LIVE IN PENSACOLA ... should I break camp or sit tight? Any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated! Thx!

    1. Reason #33 {Why I don't live in Florida]

      "Hurricane" = 52 & 97
      "Prophecy" = 52
      "Civil War" = 97

      "Hurricane" = 426 J
      "Mind Control" = 426 J

      Fear is a Powerful Tool.

      Reason #34 [Why I don't Live in Florida]
      "Sink Holes" = 322 [Skull and Bones]

      "Military Industrial Complex" = 322

    2. Too bad I didn't meet you Cats a year ago, before I moved here on 9/5...we were actually feeling like we needed to bolt this place about 2 months ago; besides the warm weather and beaches/bitches and sweet gun laws, not much here...thx for the insight Jake